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Hwrath of Whitehawke

Started by Hwrath Gro-Khash
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Hwrath came to Whitehawke by way of a basket, carried by one of the many refugees fleeing Orsimer attacks. Apparently, Hwrath was found hidden under his mother, an attractive (by Orsimer Standards) 'wisewoman' who succumbed to several arrow wounds. The refugee, unknown to Hwrath, apparently came across the Orsimer woman and child alone in the wild. According to the refugee, the mother and child seemed to be traveling alone and were well away from known Orsimer strongholds and travel routes. Hwrath would learn later that the refugee relayed to the Orphanage that his mother was apparently killed by several arrows to the back. Orsimer arrows.

As a young Orc living amongst humans was, at times, a challenge. Hwrath was much stronger and more aggressive compared to the human children and because of this, he was often not included in the normal horseplay and at times ostracized from even spectating. Having broken the arms of two children while "pretend fighting", this was probably best. Hwrath was always curious and eager to learn. These tenancies lead him to assist many of Whitehawke's crafts-people in their day-to-day activities. Hwrath found great joy in assisting the local Alchemist, the Blacksmith and Hwrath could often be found in the stables helping to maintain Whitehawke's steeds. He tried to help in the kitchens but a despicable man named Blem would constantly pepper Hwrath with insults about being an Orc.

At the age of 16, Hwrath's natural strength and aggressiveness allowed him to excel at displays of combat and arms. Because of this Hwrath was tutored in the many aspects of combat. Being a quick study, Hwrath's aptitude for the technical use of weapons grew. Now, after two years of focused combat training and having grown into adulthood, Hwrath has joined 'The Band of the Hawk'. He now seeks to explore the outside world, gain fame and fortune and to unravel the mystery behind his mother's death at the hands of his own kind.
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The band of the hawk... LOL gott love it!

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