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I Have a Little Plan - Part X

Started by Harlwystyr
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Part X

"Pull," Durana commanded, turning away from him. A trifle gingerly, Thalric obeyed.

"Harder," she added. Clenching his teeth, he put his strength into it.

Suddenly, her arm moved sickeningly in his grasp. The black-haired woman grunted like one of his veteran companions in the mercenary band being hit square in the chest, reeled a little under his hands, and gasped. "Good. Back where it should be."

Looking away from her arm, she instead turned to face him and purred in a teasing tone. "Now don't make me have to do that again."

Thalric drew in a deep and somewhat unstead breath, feeling shamed as his reply came. "I'll try not to, Lady Emhardt."

Durana rolled her eyes. "Just 'Durana,' please. Whenever I hear my name like that, I feel several centuries older." She reached for his tankard with her opposite arm. "More tea?"

Thalric nodded, glanced at Jalinda, and looked back at Durana. "I'm... ah, sorry to the both of you. To all three of you, actually, but Jalinda most of all. I- this is going to take some getting used to, for me."

"You're not alone," Jalinda told him. "Let's get some sleep. I'm not just tired now, I'm cold."

Durana proffered tea with one hand and a sleeping fur with the other. Then she turned away from the two mercenaries, long and sleek and shapely, to crawl for her own bedding.

"Let's keep close to each other. Harlwystyr can keep watch."

Thalric's head came up. He gave her his best frown, and then peered all around the encampment... but saw only the two women. When his gaze came back to Durana, she looked amused.

"Attempt to grow a little more used to it," she said. "Start now."

Thalric sighed, performed a parody of a noble bow, and sank down among the furs. His life had changed significantly in a bare fistful of days, and the changes went on coming - and coming fast.

He hoped he'd manage to stay alive in the coming days.


Thalric Camry came awake very suddenly, alert and tense, and very far from the bed he had been assigned to back in Evermore a few days past. He had a feeling he was rousing at his customary time, near dawn. The skylight could not be felt upon his eyelids, though, and his face was quite cold. He felt very itchy furs against his chest, and from the surrounding camp came the smell of wood smoke and damp grass and-

And someone very naked and warm and shapely was pressed against him, with her arms around his waist.

"J-Jalinda?" he whispered, his eyes prying open.

He found himself staring into the face of his beloved. Jalinda was embracing him, their legs entwined and arms around each other, foreheads almost bumping. Her eyes were closed and remained as such, her breathing soft, slow and regular. Asleep.

Thalric remembered everything then, and hastily twisted up onto one elbow to look around the encampment. The fire had died out, but smoke still rose, a teapot near the heated stones. Durana was nowhere to be found.

Which suited him just fine. For the moment, at least, he and Jalinda were alone. He could speak freely.

He placed a kiss upon her brow, gently but insistently. Her eyes opened from what was an obviously feigned slumber.

"Mmmh?" she purred as she stretched.

"Ah, Jalinda," he whispered, "I- ah- love you very much and want to talk to you. Right now, whilst it's just the two of us."

"Ah," Jalinda told him with an impish smile, in the gruff tones of Harlwystyr. "Ye young lads dont waste your chances, do ye? That's fine, for I have words to share with thee, as well. So, start spouting words, lad. 'Tis a new day, but it'll not stay young forever."

Thalric tensed but managed to quell his urge to thrust himself away from the warm body lying against him.

"Ah- uh- curse you, wizard! Can't I speak with my lady without you stepping between us at every turn?"

"Lad," the mage's growl answered him, Jalinda's eyes fixed upon his, "ye can. Hopefully - with but a few exceptions - ye will. Ye see, I'll be using thy lady as sparsely as I can whilst I seek a suitable replacement to ride. Ye have my word on that."

"Your word?" Thalric said bitterly. "And what is that worth? My own has somewhat... lost its value."

"Lad, I like this as little as ye do, and thy lass is not really blissful about it, either. She's a friend, however, and I want her unhurt in terms of body and mind, so I'lll try to take very good care of her. I have violated her in a way few have been, I'll grant, and I've tried to apologise for what there can be no proper apology for, and failed, but she has seen and understood my need and reasons through my mind - and thus accepts them. She's told ye before, and will tell ye again, and ye'll simply have to take her word for it, not mine. If ye do not begin to do so, I believe she'll soon be bidding ye begone, captain or no captain. Now, can there be peace between us?"

Thalric looked thoughtful for a moment, his eyes like daggers striking into that of the redguard's. The redguard he'd come to love, so swiftly and deeply in the last few days that he was still a little disbelieving. Had the sorcerer perhaps woven some love magic between them? No, he'd never heard of such a thing.

Divines blast, did any of that matter? He did love his Jalinda, more than he'd ever loved anyone in Tamriel before, and - and what could he do to twart this archwizard, anyhail?

Nothing. Not a damn thing, apart from being there for his Jalinda and hope she won clear of Harlwystyr's tyranny soon, unharmed. Or as unscathed as possible.

Which meant making common cause with Harlwystyr of Daggerfall was the only prudent thing to do.

"Yes," he said, a bit awkwardly. "There can be. Peace between us, that is."

Jalinda's elegant hand went down to clasp his as firmly as any strong old warrior's, and a wolfish grin crept onto her face.

"Very good, I'm pleased to hear that's done," Harl growled and then caused Jalinda's body to roll free from the furs and stand up. "Jalinda's bladder is bursting!"
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