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I'm New in the forum!

Started by MageKitu
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Hello All,

I am very new to the world of Elder scrolls.. I would like to know if it is still a good time to buy ESO game?? How are the server responses? how will be my experience as a first time player in the world of ESO?? Please help.. I am very keen to buy this one.. Thanks a lot :)

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ESO is still a thriving game, even on the consoles. The servers work very well and I have not had a problem at all with them. ESO is a good game for those who come into it knowing that it is an MMO first, Elder Scrolls second. If you're able to pick it up at a price you like, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately this forum is not very active anymore, so you may need to look elsewhere for more answers after this, such as the official forums.

Have a good one and hope to see you out in Tamriel!

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