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(IC) Black Marsh

Started by ClickCrisis
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
((This RP is set in Black Marsh, obviously. Argonians will take up most of the characters (as is true with Black Marsh's population) so please keep non-Argonian characters rare. This takes part during the same time as ESO, so Nords and Dark Elves are obviously more accepted than any other race.))
Im-Kur layed in the swamps, most of his body submerged in the dark waters. A group of High Elves were traveling through the swamps, attempting to invade Black Marsh, and Im-Kur wouldn't let the wretched Elves take control of his homeland. It had been so long since he had swam in these swamps... he felt adrenaline pump intro his bloodstream, and he silently swam forward, towards the group. He was no more than a small current flowing through the swamps. The Elves' eyes passed right over him as they surveyed their surroundings. They were silent with speech, but they had no bother for silent travel. Almost every Argonian in Black Marsh could detect them, sloshing in the water. Im-Kur watched them, and one strayed off from the group, investigating a Hist tree. Im-Kur silently crawled out of the water behind him, and put his arm around his neck, choking him. He dragged him underwater before he realized what was going down, and swam down to the bottom, choking and drowning the elf. After the Elf stopped struggling, Im-Kur released his arm from around his neck and swam up to the top, peeking out. They had not noticed, but they would soon. He crawled out of the water again, and stood up. He summoned his bow, taking aim at the elf at the far back of the ground of 5. He released the string, the arrow whizzing forward and landing itself right in the elf's head, and he fell to the ground. His body hitting the water caused a splash, and the other Elves turned to look at the body. The bow disappeared and Im-Kur crouched down, watching them look for the culprit. He silently snickered at their stupidity. He went back into the water, and swam towards them. He took out two at the same time, knocking them out in one punch and dragging their unconscious bodies to the bottom of the swamp where they would drown before they woke. With only two remaining, the two ran like cowards back the way they came. Im-Kur wondered why, and how, they had gone this deep into Black Marsh. He swam through the swamps to the city of Archon. He entered the town, wading through the shallow water that was considered the road. He climbed up onto a building, which was the inn, and walked inside.

Dar'Rak: Khajiit assassin, son of the Mane, at your service. But not really.
Im-Kur: Argonian Nightblade, killer of men, caster of spells.
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