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Idaina Acha (Revised)

Started by I. Acha
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Name: Idaina Acha
Gender: Female
Race: Breton
Place of birth: Daggerfall
Year of Birth: E2 563
Best Memory: Training with her mentor Jorn Snow-Side
Worst Memory: Watching her mentor get murdered
Age: 19
Personality: Although serious at times, she has been known to be caring to others. She is also known to be passionate and forthright about her goal for peace.
Appearance: about 5' 6". With long dark brown/black hair. Has dark brown eyes, someone could easily mistake her for someone who can't fight.
Skills: dual short swords, with some knowledge of magic and alchemy. Expert in Nordic swordsmanship. Knowledgeable in smithing, history, archery, battle techniques, and languages.
Birthsign: The Warrior
Religious views: Worshiper of the eight divines
Political views: According to her, the only way to gain lasting peace is to go create it yourself. Peace will not just come about. Man, mer, and beast are war waging beings. Only few have the power to lead the world into a better tomorrow. governments should acknowledge this to govern their people correctly.

Background: I was born in the twilight hours of a certain day in E2 563 in Daggerfall, High Rock. My family is a very old one, one of the first to settle in Daggerfall. They are merchants by trade, but they have more to do with other affairs then anyone else thinks. My father had served under now High King Emeric during the siege of Wayrest. My father's name was Enkairos Acha, and he was my friend. Long did I live in a self-made ignorant world, free from worry, one that did not extend from my home or the city of Daggerfall itself. That changed when I was seven, my father had taken me and my older sister (Anati) on one of his caravan routes to Wayrest. There I saw what war had done to people, I saw a whole town full of wounded veteran solders. I asked him why would the gods ever do such a thing to people who claim to fight for them. He just looked at me with sad eyes and said, "Only the gods know why they do these things to innocent people". From that moment on I would not be swayed by the dream world that adults told children was true. I told my father that I wanted to end this madness that was destroying the world. He once told me that I would have to make a choice, I could help the world and fight for what was right, or I could do nothing and let the world blow away in the wind. I went up to my father and told him, "I made my choice. I need to fight for what is right, I need you to teach me what I need to know so I can fight.". Now this is something unexpected to come out of the mouth of a seven year old girl. My father was not astonished in the least. "I knew you would make the right choice Idaina, our family has had many great heroes, and their will many more after you are gone. But I do know that you will be one of the greatest.". He looked at me with a gaze that I will never forget. I was taught all about history, politics, anatomy, religion, magic, alchemy, language, and the art of the blade. My father would remake me in mind and body. I did find that the art of the blade was the most interesting. The power of wielding a blade, with one swing you could take the life of another. That is a power that should be held with great responsibility, never to be taken lightly. I would lose connections with my best friend Filos. He did not understand why I would ever give up my childhood to help the world. I knew one day he would. My life did change forever when my father was killed on a caravan trip to Dragonstar by a Orcish renegade. I still remember the day we had found out what had happened. Me, my mother and my sister were eating one night when I was ten. A messenger came to our door with a note...and a sum of money from the court in Daggerfall. My father was found dead on the road out of Dragonstar in Hammerfell. He was found with six orcish arrows in his chest. My mother didn't even react, she didn't speak. She never spoke again, and no one knows why. I say it's the grief, my sister say's the shock was too much, she's probably right. My sister thought it would be a good idea if I went to stay with my uncle in Windhelm. Skyrim seemed like a long way from home, but I went so I could see if I could finish my training with my uncle. I spent for what seemed like an eternity on that ship to Windhelm. People on that ship did not seem very kind, almost like they thought they could have their way with me. I brought my fathers dual broad swords for just that reason. We arrived in Windhelm on my eleventh birthday, I went straight for the Palace of the Kings. My uncle was the steward to the Jarl of Eastmarch. I felt strange looking down that long room to the Jarls throne. I spoke as loud as I could, "UNCLE THEIOS!? IS THAT YOU?". He came closer, he was a fair height for a Breton, with a bald head and a black mustache. He looked at me confused, "Do I know you child?". I was shocked that he didn't remember me, "My name is Idaina Acha. You are Teri Eponi's (my mother) brother are you not? I am your niece, I came to...visit for awhile.". He looked at me with realization, "Yes child, I did not recognize you. I haven't seen you since you were two." he said as he looked back to the Jarl, who was listening to the whole ordeal. "Can you excuse me sir, I need to bring her home to my wife so she doesn't get into any trouble". The Jarl nodded and my uncle walked me to his home. As we walked to his home he looked at me, "Is your mother doing well?" he asked. I gulped, "Yes, she is fine...I guess". He smiled and said, "That's good.". We reached his home where his wife was watching us come down the street. "Is that little Idaina? It's so good to see you again!" she yelled to us down the street with a large smile. "It's good to see to see you again too aunt Freda." I said with a almost disappointed tone, I was not the biggest fan of my aunt Freda, she was a Nord. We walked inside their house and my uncle left to return to the Jarl. It was just me, my aunt and their son who was four. she then asked something that shook me to my foundation. "What is your father doing these days?". I couldn't control my emotions, I started to cry. "My father is dead, that's why I came here." I ran out the door and looked for somewhere to hide, I hid behind the forge in the market. I sat there crying until I heard a voice behind me. "What is wrong child?" there was a man standing when I looked up, his name was Jorn Snow-Side. Jorn was a large Nord with a large build and a long beard, he wore a leather apron like most blacksmiths do. He would become my mentor and my best friend. I stood up and yelled at him, "My father is dead because of some dirty deadra worshiping Orcs! Why would the gods let something happen to a man who did nothing except help the world!" I punched a wooden post on a market stall and broke it. He saw this and ushered me inside his home. "I have some feeling about you, you are meant to carry the will of the gods on Nirn. I don't know why you...and I don't know how but fate brought you to me. One way Nords deal with grief and anger is by intense training, by doing this you can change the world for the better.". From then on I would be Jorn's student. This went on for six years, everything from midnight hunts, to out smarting giants, we improved my skills and sharpened my seances. The training was brutal and challenging but the results were...worth it. I fondly remember him instructing me to attack a group of poaching hunters that the Jarl wanted killed. I told him that I couldn't do it. He smiled at me and said, "The true test of a warrior is not knowing when to kill, but when to spare a life.". Their is one phrase that he said to me that I hold dear to my heart. I did not understand it until years to come. it seemed that almost every time we would train, he would find time to say, "We fight, so the fighting will stop". My days with Jorn would come to an end when I was seventeen. We were celebrating a day off from our training at his home, when their was a knock at his door. He looked at me and said, "Remember we fight, so the fighting will stop". He told me to hide as he answered the door. At the door there was a Nord and a Dunmer, the Nord asked, "Do you know the location of Idaina Acha? Her father had connections to High King Emeric of the Daggerfall Convenient. She is also a Breton and must be asked questions". Jorn knew what they would do to me if they had a hold of me. He glared at them and said, "I do, and you bastards can't have her!". The Nord then proceeded to stab Jorn in the chest and left him there to die. After that I traveled back to Daggerfall, to see my family. The main reason was because I needed to help end this madness that is the faction war. I was 19 when I returned to Daggerfall, I had traveled through Skyrim and Cyrodiil to get there. Mostly picking up odd jobs and studying the land that would become the stage for the biggest battles since the battle of red mountain. In Daggerfall I ran into my old friend Filos. He came up to me and said, "I now know why you gave up your childhood, you knew this was going to happen". I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Not even the gods knew this was going to happen". I registered for the Daggerfall covenant. A Breton Recruiter asked me why I wanted to Join the Daggerfall covenant. It was at that moment, I knew what Jorn was talking about all of those times. I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I fight, so the fighting will stop!".

I fight, so the fighting will stop.
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Interesting. Seems kind of naive, but I like the concept. Look forward to facing you in the game... well maybe facing isn't the right term. More like assassinating you. :)

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Or maybe i help my friend and throw a fireball in your face :p

nice post by the way
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thank you for the comments, I hope their will be more in the future.

I fight, so the fighting will stop.
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I have to admit it i really enjoyed reading that , i liked the part about her aunt and how she disliked her because she is a nord even though she showed such happiness at Idaina's arrival , even though Idaina wishes to do good things she is still a child at this point and i think this portrays perfectly a selfishness children sometimes have when it comes to loved ones.

(March 5th 2013, 11:02 PM)I. Acha Wrote: We reached his home where his wife was watching us come down the street. "Is that little Idaina? It's so good to see you again!" she yelled to us down the street with a large smile. "It's good to see to see you again too aunt Freda." I said with a almost disappointed tone, I was not the biggest fan of my aunt Freda, she was a Nord.

I also get the feeling Idaina will not be a big fan of Orcs since what happened to her father.

Also i quote what she says "I fight, so the fighting will stop" , but i want to know what extremes would she go to so the fighting will stop?

Once again thought it was a great read :)

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You've certainly created a detailed story and background for Idaina! She definitely has had a rough life yet has remained strong despite its challenges. I like how initially she had reservation against the nords as evidenced by her relationship with her Aunt, but then befriends and is trained by a nord.

Anyways here's some things that may help out!

1.) The way the date would be presented for her year of birth is, "2E 563." As in second era... yadayada.

2.) In terms of some ways you can improve the presentation of Idaina, you could add a few enter spaces to break up the background so it's a bit easier to read. Blocks of texts can be a bit rough at times!

3.) I'm not sure if it would be the best choice to make Uncle Theios the steward for the Jarl. The only reason I'm saying this is because in TESO we may potentially meet the steward for the Jarl of Eastmarch, and it could be someone totally different like a nord woman who's been the steward for many years. An alternative choice may be to just make him a respected member of the Jarl's court; it has him keep a high position yet is a bit more open in its possibilities.

Anyways, that's what I've got. Keep up the writing!

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hurray for strong female characters! :D i do like this character and her theme is one of my favorite (the hero doing right because they must) it can quickly become my favorite if you show corruption. show that this world isn't as just as she would like to think and how those who call them selve protectors and heroes are deep down monsters them selves!

my first major niggle is that she is a master swordswoman at the grand old age of 19! keep in mind it probably takes YEARS to be a master of any art. decades infact and most importantly experience. you could make her think her is a master swordswoman because she has trained with the best of the best. but remember the person you are training with isn't trying to kill you! so when (and if) she gets into a fight with who she seems is a lowly bandit. well she could get a shock. though that part is just me thinking out loud :P

on appearance what do you mean by 'someone could easily mistake her for someone who can't fight.' is she frail looking?

the story you made is pretty fatastic but remember this is only your Bio. we don't need to know each word of the convsation nor do we need to know every little detail thats what the library is for but i'll say again it is a good story :)

agree with horizon on making you uncle steward for the jarl so i won't repeat what he said.

lastly. i would suggest to add a section named "challenges for my character" and add at least three challenges to that section (keeping weaknesses in mind) on weaknesses even though i can potential see quite a few flaws in your character and they are pretty interesting flaws to say the least i think you should name them so we know :) so is she naive? does the death of her father govern all of her acts?

over all kick ass character! keep up the good work and i look forward in seeing this character expand and grow :)

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