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Ideas for Videos!

Started by Zarxces
Post #10797
The Video Guy

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Okay, I know this isn't specific to TESO in general, but it will go into making a TESO video of which you can all watch! So in a way it is TESO, I guess... (Here I go rambling)
What would you guys like to see relating to TESO? Or Elder Scrolls in general? I'm trying to make content to make you all happy and keep you entertained. :) So give this video a quick watch and let me know what you would like to see. Thank you all.

Have a good one!
- Zarxces

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i want to know more abot te lore of TESO or the classes and ore gameplay on it!
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Post #10804

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Crafting Gameplay!

also a lot of ppl getting shot in the knee with Arrows!! lol

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I want to see a NPC killing spree and crime waves in TESO. Aso if crime is possible, if we can pickpocket other players. Thet or just a TES video of an Argonian slave in a dogchain pickpocketing his Dunmer Nobles master's pants while they took a walk. The guards then killing the master for indecent exposure, then freeing the Argonian slave complimenting his fine pants and feeling sorry for you to put up with such indecent slavetraders which sell mentally unstable slaves that handcuff and drag their masters pantsless.

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Crafting, Guild, Auction House, PvP battles, how to slay Argonian (hirr hirr)....

The Elsweyr Confederacy

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I'd like to see video info on:

Race lore & look & skills, etc. - maybe one video featuring Argonians, then Altmers, Bosmers, etc.
Housing & Guild Halls
Guild functions and how we can start on guild activities now
Weaponry & armor - stats
Anymore info on Faction vrs. Faction in Cyrodiil

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Well considering I'm not a lore master by any means I would love too see you bring me (and other people who don't know) up to speed on lore.

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