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Ideas I wanted to toss to Zenimax looking for some opinions.

Started by Crazylor
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Firstly, I want to introduce my thought process for this system to even be necessary. I was sitting in my room today thinking about TESO when I started thinking about what makes a good translation from a single player rpg (any world really) to an mmorpg. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that good translations of worlds to the mmorpg are the aspects the player gets to involve themselves in that they couldn't see or do in the original world. Things they may only have heard of or seen glimpses of.

This brought me to what things Zenimax could put into their game to bring aspects of the world we've only heard mentions of. These were some of the core things that were missing in games like SWTOR and other translations. For example, in SWTOR there is potential for various details to add to each classes life. To list a few: For Jedi & Sith, they could enlist player apprentices & padawans ( knocking out basically half of the work), IA gets to hunt defectors, smuggling missions, trooper gets frontline deployment assignments, and bounty missions. I'm sure many people would agree that this would put more immersion in each of their classes. I think this is very important and I don't want it to be missing from TESO.


I would like to introduce professions to TESO. Something separate from crafting. My first ideas have been ** Book Hunting/Vendor, Cook, and Slaver**. These professions are intended to provide players with money and should be balanced into the game. Players would generally float on a good sum of money to buy basic things in the game through the leveling until end game where it would provide the general income for high level players. This could also provide a nice easier paced introduction to traditional crafting (Which could possibly benefit since it has the potential to become more in-depth and stronger since professions would act as a buffer for new players to mmos that shows them the potentials of more immersive systems [the crafting]) such as blacksmithing and enchantments. Onward.

Profession Descriptions

Book Hunting: These players search in dungeons for rare books that provide permanent stats or a rare story. Rare stories provide experience for book hunting and can be sold but provide nothing further.

mid level can find books that provide minor stats.

higher mid levels can trade books.

higher levels can find better mid grade stat books.

higher levels can open shop (must stay in shop). This creates a stand for the player to vend multiple items at once and negotiate prices with buyers.
-higher level can find high level stat books. (possibly caps at +2)

higher level can open npc shop. Npc can be set to accept various bargain rates for items, and barter.
-Highest level can script their own books and sell them.

If possible a lot of buildings can be set out in each city for players to buy and open their book shops in, a nice bonus to your players that started the game. Once these are bought up newer players can sell their wares through their stands or they can sell their books to the shops in bulk (eventually). Players can name their shops and if possible upload jpg to use as backdrops for their board, and fonts for the text. You can also sell these shops, creating an event in itself when a player closes a shop and sells it, this would probably happen when a player quits giving them a nice goodbye for their service to us :).

Cook: Finds ingredients in dungeons and the world to create food and drink that heals players and gives various temporary stats. These bonuses last 45s~2m during initial levels. Cooking has the potential to level beyond the general max level for other professions, progress beyond this level provides extra duration effects for created food or drink. Zenimax could add more ingredients and new stats over time providing newer players with the potential to gain an advantage in new food and drink. Players that have cooked for a long time should be providing higher priced food and drink for end game, while new players will fill the lower tiers of cooking. I'm not a master of this whole economic thing so their may be holes, forgive me.

-low levels can create food that heals for low health.
-mid low level can find better ingredients. Can trade food and drink.
-mid level can create food that heals for more.
-high mid level can create food that heals for more and provides minor stats. Can open shop like the book hunter.
-Higher level can create food that heals for maximum and first tier of food or drink providing stats.
-Higher level can create food or drink that gives higher stats. This should go on for about 5 tiers before general max. Can open npc shop just like book hunter.
-General max level has highest level of stats; levels afterward give longer duration.

So on and so forth 6m being the maximum that it will increases by and the maximum duration being a 48hr buff (my idea is that this would be something you'd have to input 2 weeks ~month of cooking to achieve the maximum literally speaking).

Extra again: Just like the book hunters there could be a lot left for players to buy restaurants/pubs/bars/inns. Players sell food and drink out of their restaurants. They can also give other players opportunities to cook out of their shop for a fee. These restaurant/stores can be customized and sold just like the book stores, giving them the very same potential.

Slavers: Captures slaves in dungeons and open world. Slavers return/sell slaves to the slave master npc or a higher level slaver. Slaves are npcs that can be bought by players to work in shops. Slaves will watch shops and sell items accordingly, but over time items will disappear. Gold is provided for every missing item but at a low percentage, higher quality slaves steal less and when they do steal they leave a higher percentage of gold in it's place. Higher priced items are less likely to be stolen and when they are stolen a very low percentage of gold is left behind; much lower then what the slave would usually leave behind (this should prevent abuse). This is also balanced by the number of items, so if a player sells 99 of an item for a really high price the potential for the slave to steal one of the items increases closer to what the slaves usual steal and gold left behind rates (I know that sounds dumb what else do I call it :P). This should make vendors want to buy better quality slaves for their shops and stands if they don't simply choose to vend themselves. Last but not least, higher quality slaves are less likely to run away.

Slaving is a pure gold profession, providing no bonuses. My original intention was for it to have less potential at endgame compared to other professions in the endgame. Upon further thought through typing this, this sounds like a more interesting idea that would bring life to the game and tons of player interaction.Slavers level by notoriety, higher level slavers can put up bigger advertisements for their services. Slaves hide in the world and dungeons, higher level slaves will hide in higher level areas.

The highest quality slaves have the max rates for steal at .5% and flee at 4%. My intentions are to give slaves quality, but still give them life and a potential for the slaver to keep his job returning escaped slaves to their prisons, ehem, work places.

There could be additional professions but this is what I've thought of. Thanks for reading. Please put your thoughts, negative comments, and improvements below. Thanks again.

P.S. After further thought this could just be an addition to crafting, but whatever floats lol. Just let me know what you think.

TL;DR: Read it or don't comment Thank you.

Edit: formatting fixed. Had to copy it from reddit, because they downvoted it within 7 minutes :(.
This post was last modified: January 2nd 2013, 02:09 PM by Crazylor
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Great quality post. Haven't read all of it yet, but you have some good ideas. However your in the wrong section of the site. IDK what the policy on misplaced threads are (If mods move them or they get reposted) but the thread should probably be here.

And if I saw it on Reddit I would have upvoted it!.

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(January 2nd 2013, 04:16 PM)Dagoth Ur Wrote: Great quality post. Haven't read all of it yet, but you have some good ideas. However your in the wrong section of the site. IDK what the policy on misplaced threads are (If mods move them or they get reposted) but the thread should probably be here.

And if I saw it on Reddit I would have upvoted it!.

Correct in everything you said! Winking

The Ghost of TESOF
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Think it was downvoted cause this profession system is already done in Guild Wars 2:\

Also theres not a very big section of MMO Crafters, Most of us enjoy getting are gear from World bosses, and 3hour long raids.

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