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Identifying characters by UserID: a half-witted idea

Started by Anchorite
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What bright spark had the brilliant idea of using playerIDs in-game exclusively ? This means that:

1. I have to know the playerID of everyone I play, quest or raid with - never mind that almost nobody uses his ID name for his character. Hell, I don't know the playerIDs of people I've shared guilds with in other games for years - now we can't find each other in-game.
2. I have no way of telling one player's alt from the others. All I can see on a Friends or Guild list is that @Player is online. Given that most regular players have two or more characters, this is not exactly a big help...
3. An added security risk. Why should my playerID be made public?

I am baffled by the thinking, if any, behind this idiocy. No other MMO, that I know of, does this; why re-invent the wheel and make it square?

An obvious candidate for a re-think.
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I have to agree with this. Incredibly difficult to find friends in game because of this very system.

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I think this has been addressed, I logged in last night and said something in zone and was very pleasantly surprised to see my characters name there and not my @account.
Check it out I think the fix happened in the late patch yesterday.
ETA: oh but I'm not sure how I found my friend because we do have @account's friended, I remember typing /name but could be mistaken.
I do agree with your points because I don't necessarily want the randos in mega-guild X that I thought would be a good idea to join to be able to make contact on every toon, or always aware of my coming and going.
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