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If you really want to craft... (Hirelings galore)

Started by HalloweenWeed
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If you really want to craft, make all 8 available chars, and get all 4 hirelings (provisioning hireling optional), and advance them all W/your main char(s), to Lv11, then 16, then 21, then 26, etc. Then log in W/each of your char's, as close to 24 hours later as possible, but after 24 hours, to receive the inventory items. That way you will get tons of crafting stuff in your 32-40 mails per day. These often include improvement mats, and often even higher-level mats. You need not develop all 8 in the same faction, that's up to you. The trouble with this method: It takes loads of time to develop all 8 chars evenly. FYI.

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