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Immortal Kings now recruiting NA, 18+ (PvE/PvP)

Started by Jat240
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Hello! I would like to invite you to Immortal Kings! we are a fun care free alliance that all members are willing to help each other. We are 38 strong and looking to grow. We already have guild bank unlocked. So you know ahead of time all members are required to go through a week long trial period before being promoted to member, this is to insure we don't get any bad apples. As recruit members you will be able to deposit into our bank, but wont be able to withdraw until you are promoted to member. If your interested, go to and sign up for the site and also fill out the ESO application. this will allow you to get in on our forums which will be easy for us all to communicate even when were not home playing. also we will be using it to plan events. If you have any other questions, please feel free to msg me on here, on the PSN Jat240 or on our site. Hope to see you there.
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