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In-Game NA Event - EP Meet n Greet

Started by Vellic
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Ebonheart Pact
Hello all!

I saw that the NA have a meet and greet and the EP doesn't. This cannot be allowed to stand! Since I'm holding a social RP on the 18th in Ebonheart anyway, I decided to invite everyone down and hopefully turn it into a larger EP-wide Meet and Greet.

Who: Everyone in Ebonheart Pact! Bring your guildies, your friends, and yourselves!

What: Social 'meet and greet' RP. Two hours to just hang out, meet each other, add some people to friends lists, and so on.

When: Friday, April 18th, 8:30 PM EST - 10:30 PM EST.

Where: NA Server, Ebonheart City, The Ebony Flask tavern.

Why: To meet new people and find RPers to plan future events with! Also, by friending each other we can make it easier to find one another in the future.

In order to more easily instance with us/etc., in-game, feel free to add me to your friends list. It's just @LGVellic

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