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Incursum[EU][Heavily focused on PVE/Raiding][Light PVP][Social]

Started by Flunk
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Do you also miss raiding back in the good ol' days? Back when you wiped at a boss for weeks and when you finally got it you were more happy than ever - even you didnt get any loot?
I do! and thats why i started this guild!

When I look at Aldmeri Dominion, I do not see many european guilds. Also most of the guilds are PVX(Both PvE and PVP). I want to focus heavily on PVE(specificly raiding) while PVP'ing at the sparetime.

I'm looking for core members now, so if you wish to be a founder of a guild, heres your chance.


Incursum(to raid, invade, attack or assault) is a newly formed guild for the upcoming game, The Elder Scrolls Online. We will be a part of the Aldmeri Dominion(Altmer, Bosmer and Khajiit) and be heavily focused on the PvE part - more specificly raiding.

Incursum started early 2013 and strive to be a known guild in the PvE sector of TESO. While also take part in pvp and conquer Cyrodiil while having fun doing both. Being social is also a huge factor for Incursio. While leveling up together, playing together and having fun together.

Incursum will not be a big community. So if that's what you seek, you're at the wrong place. Incursio will be a small guild, with loyal members. We strive to be a small group of players, that all knows each other more than jut beside the game. A small group of people that can count on each others. Once we get the members we need, we will close the recruitment. If possible 2 raid groups will be available.

So if you're into a more semi/hardcore raiding, but without raiding 5/7 days a week, this is the place.

When I mean semi/hardcore raiding I mean raid 2-3 days a week from 19.00-22.30 (this is an example) and thats also how the guild will raid. But when we raid we are 100% focused. No trash talk - but 100% focused. Though we will have fun while raiding. The game is about to have fun.

While we do not know a lot about PvE we do know that there will be public dungeons and instanced dungeons with 5 people. So far.

Homepage/forum is up and running
Teamspeak server will come up
Expectations/rules are set up
Rank Structure

And still working on a few more things like member interviews and such. (more info about rank structure, expectations and such is to be found on the website)

Visit the site at

Any questions om me here, or on the website.

That's sums it up

Best Regards,

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