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Inspirations of Characters

Started by Iogairn
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Do you ever feel that your character isn't completely original? Do you ever feel that you may have taken something from another character in a book/film/etc? Well.

You'd be right. Chances are, with so many characters in so many plots it's effectively impossible to have a completely original character. The details, broad or minor, will have come from somewhere else.
One source of a character is you! Or rather, you with all the little bits you don't like ironed out, with an exciting back story and put into a world with dragons.

Of course this doesn't mean that you're character isn't unique. The details may have been used before but you're the one who has put them into a unique blend.

So, what are your character's inspirations?

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Oh, I'd never claim my characters as being all that original. :p Probably the most direct and blatant is Fatimah, who I took fairly directly from Zatoichi, the main character from a series of chanbara (i.e. "samurai") movies.

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Well i spend time literally studying movies, taking note of camera placements and most of all taking note of characters. What do they do? how does each action define their character? and most of all is the character any good? One thing that i love is when a character does a tiny action that tells you so much about their character! One that comes to mind (because i've recently watched it) is the father in never ending story.

The scene is: the child is trying to open a jar, the dad is behind him making toast and getting ready for work. The child struggles to open the jar and without a moments notice the dad (without saying a word, without looking at the child) just comes over and with one twist opens the jar. This tells you that the father is a busy man, he still has time for his son (though small) but has to get ready for work. He does care for his child, he didn't mock or make fun of the child for not opening a jar that took him one twist.

To many you might be thinking 'Quib .... wtf are you talking about' but its the little things that help define your character and its one aspect i want to improve on. I get excited when watching films or TV shows where a character truly develops and grows.

So to answer your question, my inspiration comes from every good movie/ tv show and video game i have seen! (A tip to people getting inspiration from the media. You don't have to watch fantasy shows to make a good fantasy character)

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No character is 100% original, in fact, that draws back to the whole theory there are only 7 or so plots used in every story ever written. I always try to make my characters fairly unique, but I'd never dare to claim they're completely authentic.

As for Tris, I've drawn inspiration for her from characters such as Etain from Centurion, Lara Croft, Aela from Skyrim, and a few other ones. I usually try and instantly make a character my own through quirks and unique characteristics after I've become inspired, because I hate copycats (who doesn't) ;)
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I don't think originality is really necessary for a good character. For example the Qvothe character from Patrick Rothfuss's books (which I recommend to anyone who hasn't read them). Its actually pretty generic when you break it down, which doesn't stop them from being among my favorite books.

Personally I like to let the lore inspire me a little. So I take one trait or idea from a race's lore, then I take something atypical or that I find interesting, and throw them together. Then I play it out. The lore aspect I can get from a TES character, and the atypical aspect I can get from myself, films, books, or just things which pop into my head. Often one of my characters inspires another because I puzzle out the processes and come across something I like but don't want to include.

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