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[Interest Check] The Companions

Started by Commander Phoenix
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Hi Commander
Why not just go from 'The Companions' to "Companions of [city_name]". Base the guild/community off the lore of the Companions and set your self up as an arm of the NPC guild. This way if you wish to change some lore or do it a bit different there is no issue as your not 'The Companions' but an extended arm.

EDIT: Oops did not read Cools-His-Hands post - my bad sorry
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I will admit I like the splinter group idea. As for trying to replicate an already in game group with a guild, no, I don't like that. So yeah, its all about how you pull it off.

I am a total lore nerd and Elder Scrolls lore is one of only a couple of franchises I care this much about the lore. The others being Warcraft and Ultima (before number 8. I'm sorry, Dupre sacrified himself to save Britannia. . .He can't come back after that. &*(% you EA).
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