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Isn't it time to seriously post some news?!

Started by Beor of Skyrim
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Sorry this is like the 100th thread about this subject, but come on.. last we heard of them was in late June? Its late september now. They seriously gotta do some marketing

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It's probably over a year left before the release, so it isn't really the time yet for ZO to go full marketing. However, I really, really want to hear some news. It feels like an eternity since we heard anything...

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Well, we keep our eye on TESO, bethsoft forums and other sites, no news from them, so no news here.. But i am sure -> We get more info and news in 1-2 months. Just patient...

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*Small rumors, open eye from mostly sites
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Come on... :D
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well there HAVE been news recently. nameley regarding the Maomer. But yeah its about time for some gameplay. tho as we all know. just slight teasing. and then alot of hype generating (through not posting anything) always proves to be worth the trouble. (See all previous TES games)
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I'd love information too, but I can understand their worry: Once they have the scent of blood, they'll come back for flesh.

Preferably, I'd take information at a steady pace instead of a dab here, a hiatus for 2 months, then another smattering. Dispersing news is just like sex or music: Good rhythm is good!

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