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It's time to say goodbye

Started by HalloweenWeed
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Hi all,
It's been an adventure. I have enjoyed it. But nearly a month ago I landed a permanent full-time job with great (traditional) benefits, and I just don't have the time necessary to do great in ESO anymore. I thought this might happen. I haven't been in-game for over two weeks, and then just to get hireling mails and start researches. And that's the rub, those things take way too much of my time, leaving me with nearly no "fun" time in the game. I only have about a dozen hours a week to put into a game now, and nearly all of it is on the weekends. So I have opted to play other games instead, ones that have a MUCH better fun/time invested ratio. I have deactivated my subscription renewal.

It's been quite an experience, my 1st MMO, I learned a lot, and thank all of you for your support. C'ya in the next great game forum.
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Skyrim conquerer. Morrowind and Oblivion vet. Long-time single-player computer gamer W/custom-made hi-perf OCd PC. Mostly RTS and a few action games.
Noob to MMOs.
Crappy satellite Internet very laggy pings 700-1000 not god for gaming, can't play most online games but ESO works good enough.
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