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Started by Striker
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Aldmeri Dominion


Hey were looking for recruits for our new guild for Aldmeri Dominion. if you're interested check it out
or search Wolf Pack under guilds.

It's truly going to be a sweet guild. It's going to be more for the hardcore, leaning towards PvP and eventually Raid. We want this group to be a little more on the exclusive side (I know, hurtful of us Frowning ). But the point of that is to create the most top-notch guild in all of Tamriel. A most "legendary" small but Elite guild. The Wolf Pack is most preferably a stealthier guild but all class types are welcome. Two guild leaders will be present, then the 1st degree rank, 2nd degree, 3rd degree and then the lowlife initiate. We want this to be a close-knit group on the smaller side, so check it out! Thanks! (Were even maybe making it exclusive for werewolves if it comes to it… just saying… but probs not…)

(February 11th 2013, 07:37 PM)Knightmare Wrote: Mudcrabs. I will command an army of mudcrabs
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