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Jamal Dahmani

Started by MortigaDawn
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
[This information comes from the archives of Sentinel]

Firstname - Jamal

Surname - Dahmani

Title - Captain

Sex - Male

Age - 34

Occupation - Warrior

Faction - The Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance - From the last report Jamal was of an average height, being very muscular and having short, black hair along with a short beard. He has grey eyes, unusual to the Citizens of Hammerfell, and has several scars on his body, one noteable being on his chest, which he recieved from a bandit raid.

Personality - He is Loyal to his leaders, but can be independent when the situation requires. He has a strong will and likes Beverages.

Social Background/Backstory -

Jamal was born in the middle of the desert, part of a nomad society, he was the son to a a merchant, Rahid, and a medic, Aysha, and was trained to fight by his uncle, Solorim, who served as a caravan guard at a unspecified date. In Jamal's teenage, he had to prove himself by doing the traditional nomadic rites that would harden him into a man, by living in the desert for a whole year. During that time, he is said to have fought many desert predators, including bandits who sought gold, and surviving sand storms. When a year had passed, he returned to Al-Safir, a rock that the nomadic societies would meet at each year, to replentish water, trade with each other, and welcome the young men who had survived. Returning alive, Jamal recieved his own horse and decided to leave the group, to travel to Sentinel, where he joined a guard patrol that guarded the South Eastern wall and it's residings. He was in the city guard for 8 years, dealing with thieves, drunken men and even murderers. According to fellow guards who worked with him, he decided to leave the city guard(Being 29 at the time) and explore the World. From which reports tell that he currently still do.

Best Memory - According to friends of Jamal, his happiest moment was when he passed the rites of becoming a man.

Worst Memory - Jamal is said to have had many nightmares after that a village where several of his friends lived in got pillaged and burnt down by a cult of Daedra that has yet to be identified.

Skills - He has shown to be a master in Desert-survival, taking hard hits, sword fighting, archery and horse riding.

Weaknesses - Jamal has proven to have difficulties with swimming long distances, due to originating from a nomadic people in the great deserts.

Birthsign The Warrior

Religious Views He honors his ancestors and the Yokudan Pantheon.

Politics Views He does not seem to care much for politics, but he seems to be very loyal to leaders who care about their subjects.

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