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Jaonath the Pyromancer

Started by Jaonath
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Firstly, Greetings! Jaonath is my main. He's still work in progress, but I've got his basic frame. I'm here from after a tip off that there was a great RP community here. So, here I am, looking forward to RPing with you! I'm very sorry to say I made the schoolboy error of assuming it's like on TESO-RP and posted a profile in the DFC page. Yeaaaah.... sorry! I'll try to keep the stupid errors down!

This Bio was first posted by me, Jaonath, on I've edited it a bit, removing some links ETC. I strongly recommend you check out the community there if you haven't already.:

Looking forward to RPing with you!


Name: Jaonath

Age: Early 20's at a glance, 22 specifically. (Will be 22 at launch regardless of time spent IC on forums - He's going to be 22 for the year and then start aging =) )

Gender: Male

Race: Breton, ¼ Nord.

Birthday: 14th Heartfire,

Birth sign: The snake stole the skies from the Lady upon Jaonath's birth, gifting him with the only Birth sign with no month. Those born to it are said to be most blessed and most cursed. He can call on a heavy poison spell, and is uniquely able to pulse this through his sword into a victim the blade resides in. This spell drains him physically, leaving his Magicka reserves untouched, but can only be used once before it must be renewed with the moon. Those born under the snake have no pinpoints as to their general personality, and he is no exception. See personality for a more detailed description.

Religion: The Eight, but not a very close follower. Interested in Daedric power, but not a follower of the Daedra.

Preferred of the Eight: Changes depending on whose name pops into his head quickest as an angry mob of undead are running after him.

Morals: Generally good enough. He isn’t one to kill an innocent person, and will accept a surrender. He won’t kill unarmed people, seeing no honour in it. As killing goes, he lives from a speech he heard from a mercenary:

Killing is essential for people like us; there is no use in trying to escape it. If they are hostile, you put them down before they can blink. But if any of you kill an unarmed opponent, I will stab you myself.

He doesn't enjoy killing in general, but sees it necessary. He won't kill for the sake of killing, but he will kill for the sake of ''You're trying to invade my home and take my stuff''; rather like your typical soldier.

However, he is also known to jump out and stab people in the back. These people are all bandits, vampires and the like, but it may seem odd to not kill them if they don’t have a weapon but kill them if they do and their back is turned. His view on things such as stealing is generally “don’t do it”, but it really depends on how much he dislikes the victim and how much there is to steal. Despite his well meaning, he is interested in Daedra and the power associated with them. This is more of an interest than a search for personal gain, though.

Quick Appearance: Average build, 6ft 2 in height. There is a hint of Nord in his strong features, but his high cheekbones show he is a Breton. He normally keeps clean shaven, but after a long travel his face can support rough stubble. Jaonath has semi-long Black hair and bright, almost orange eyes. He can seem a little shabby, but is normally clean enough. Though you probably wouldn’t want him turning up at a Lord’s dinner party, he doesn’t look like he’s been living on the streets.

Fighting style: Very offensive, throwing a lot of power out over a very short time. Can destroy the enemy in seconds, but will tire quickly in longer fights. His defence is weak, but his offence is very strong. On home grounds, he is an almost unbeatable opponent. However, place him atop a mountain in the deep snow of Skyrim without any Magicka, and he'll be easy prey for all but the careless. There is really little in between this, as he generally dominates the fight if he has the energy and Magicka, and will bomb as soon as these run out. However, don't be careless. He may focus on using both sword and flame as one, but he'll still be deadly to anyone unprepared when using just one force; especially when it is the latter.

Clothing: Normally wears a dark, tattered leather overcoat that reaches his knees, sturdy black boots and tough gloves. Under this, he wears pretty average, cheap commoner’s clothes. When heading into obvious danger, such as a duel, bandit camp attack etc, may wear a chain mail coat under his normal clothes. Depending on the weather, he may wear things such as fur cloaks, or remove his coat.

His pride and joy is an ornate sword, just over a metre long in length. This is jet black, appearing to me made of ebony, the jet black blade engraved with odd silver runes. The sword's blade ends in a razor sharp point. This enables deadly thrusting attacks, wile the sharp edges of the blade still enable swiping and slashing. The pommel of the sword is two silver snake tails. The snakes themselves wind up through the black metal of the hilt, their twisting causing black diamonds to appear in the grip. Each snake veers off at the top of the hilt, leaving a triangle of blackness before the blade begins. The guard is made of the two snakes, one on each side. They are striking out, an unsettling anger in theyir carved eyes. To any untrained in magical arts, the sword would be just that, a fine ebony sword. However, to those with knowledge in this field, an odd feeling would surround the sword. An odd, occult energy. This is no enchantment, or at least, not one that affects anything Jaonath has struck with the sword yet. The strange power remains a mystery, even to Jaonath. This was the sword found after he defeated the Necromancers.

Some swords I based this one on:

Dark Souls Estoc, I'd have a bit shorter with straighter blade.

An example that was modded into Oblivion.

Some more pictures and information about the design of sword.

Jaonath also carries a curved knife, designed like a Katana. This is very useful if he is caught off guard, for he can draw the blade and attack in one motion.

His ...astounding proficiency with fire-based destruction magic is to be noted, for it rivals some masters of the destruction school three times his age.

Job: Sellsword, merchant... one who will do any job he needs to for money. He has taken part in everything from vampire hunts to searches for lost dogs, and anything in between. However when there is word of an old cave full of both danger and gold, all of that is put on hold, for he is a treasure hunter at heart.

Personality: A little secretive or over-safe at times (and under-safe at others...), but over all friendly and laid back. He may be slow to trust you with every detail his past, but he will be fine sharing one of his tales of adventure with you over a mug of ale. An accurate description of Jaonath made by his mother was once: "He's very thoughtful, very kind person. He does just get carried away with things though. Much as he tries to be sensible, he's easily caught up in the adventure of it all. And he certainly isn't the best person on Nirn at dealing with annoyances."

He is, all in all, a nice person who will help any friend in need. At times Jaonath is a little quiet or lost in a daydream, for he is a very thoughtful soul. However, he is certainly adventurous, and will be the first out to have some fun. He is laid back, not taking everything over seriously. However, when there is a notable danger (especially if it involves the words "cold" or "water"), he is very sensible, perhaps overly so.

He is brave, kind and loyal, the first to come to a friends aid. There is a lot between his ears, as he is thoughtful and intelligent, always a good combination. Despite this, he operates with a "who dares wins" motto that normally pays off; meaning you're going to like him if you enjoy lots of high speed adrenaline rushes. Unless it involves "Cold or "Water" where his motto instantly becomes "Better safe than sorry".

He can also be very dismissive of other people and their ideas, and a little competitive and a little careless about when he is taking risks. Although, if you havn't spotted the trend, this carelessness goes away when "cold" or "water" are involved. Being a young man, he is also one who'll always try to help or impress the ladies of the company. Wile not always a negative thing, it can be seen as so by his elders, especially when he's trying hopelessly to impress a girl by being stupidly overkill with the fire; with no regard for the fact that he's going to need his energy for the people inside the vampire lair.

This may be found annoying to individuals different to him, for as considerate as he tries to be, he's still only careful when HE decides it's best to be, not when he's been asked to be. These people are likely not going to get along with Jaonath, because his dismissive side kicks in and he gets very hostile with them; meaning he becomes very sarcastic, aggressive and tunnel-visioned around and about them. This could be partly as of his mastery of the fire Magics of Destruction causing anger flairs, but it's most likely just his personality.

And on the subject of anger... Jaonath has been known to loose it and start small fires in the middle of shouting matches; loosing control of his ability with Fire. He is very stubborn in rows, the last to back down even after he's pretended it's settled. And little thing that he feels has hurt his pride will likely be made into a big thing by him; despite his best efforts to avoid doing this.

To sum up, he's a thoughtful, friendly, adventurous person. But there are four things he cannot stand. Cold. Water. Proud idiots who never see they are wrong and Fools that never see he is right.

Jaonath is certainly unique, as you will find out if you engage his more... Odd side, talking about his tactics, theories or philosophical conversations. He's either a bit mad or very clever. Some examples are:
“Attacking with some sort of plan is what they’ll expect. If we improvise, it’s more confusing to the enemy!”, “The Dwemer could have just run off to a giant underground city we haven’t found”, and “If we took over Oblivion, would it actually be so bad? Just saying, maybe we could find some nice spot there and just hold that if this talk of doom and Oblivion coming to kill the world is true.” These normally come after a few glasses of something strong, but it's not unknown for him to just randomly start up with them.

3 Close Archetypes: Adventurer, Lone Wolf, Loyal friend.

Positives of Archetypes: He is very willing to go and see the world, to go and do things, rarely reluctant to get outside the city and explore. He is very efficient when working alone: Both a thinker and a do-er, but not one to brag or boast to impress others. If you gain his trust, he will be a very kind, good friend. One who will blast down a bandit camp because they threatened you. He is kind, a feat not normally found in those so willing to kill.

Negatives of Archetypes: He is unwilling to do anything 'boring', and has been known to be overly laid back about this and forget things. He is unorganised, always distracted by some new thing rather than finishing a project. He is often quiet, and very dismissive of other people's ideas. Although he isn't unfriendly, he's rarely the one to get out and socialise.
To put it simply, be very prepared with lots of reasons to back your idea if you suggest working a different way. He isn't quick to trust you, and has a small group of trusted friends. It is hard to get into his good books, as of his theory that most people are fools he'll either actively dislike or good people he'll get along with but not miss when he moves on. It is rare for him to see someone as a very good friend.

Notable Strengths: Very quick on his feet, very agile. His swordsmanship is very notable, and he is a quick thinker, gifted in intelligence. He has his moments at being a good tactician, mainly when people's lives depend on it because they are being surrounded by angry bandits. Perhaps his greatest strength is his inborn mastery of fire magic. This leads to his self-proclaimed 'Pyromancer' title, and an ability to wield fire as though he had been studying for a lifetime. He is very brave, some calling it stupidity. However, this trait has spurred him on to take some daring victories in his travels. He is brilliant at improvising; especially when fighting with the flame and the sword.

Notable weaknesses: His strength and skill at unarmed combat is nothing to boast about, and he couldn't hit an army at two feet using a longbow. His wisdom can be lacking at times, and he is easily angered and provoked. His strength as a tactician may come through at times, but he is also known to charge face first into danger with little plan past 'Kill it if it is hostile''. He is weak to the cold, and so ice spells are a good option for his enemies. Despite the best efforts of his former brothers in arms, he cannot fight unarmed to save his life. He throws a good punch, knows how to block one... but he locks up, unable to decide what to do. Despite his nearly unmatched ability to improvise with the flame and sword, he becomes a confused child when it comes to fighting unarmed. This has lead to him getting a few beatings when he can't help but send out a taunt; once or twice getting him in trouble with the guard when he decides to switch to the fire as his fists aren't working. Although he can swim, he's far from a fish. He prefers to go nowhere near water unless it's warm, clear and shallow. Perhaps his biggest weakness is the sense of invincibility he has, in that he will take far too many risks under that impression that nothing bad will happen to him if he tries his best.

Likes: Mountains (in the summer), forests (preferably on a mountain in the summer), trusting his own two feet over some mule or contraption, bonfires, adventuring, people who he can get along with (mostly like-minded individuals).

Dislikes: Cold water, swimming out of any motive but choice (especially in said water) , sailing in general (especially on said water), ice, attending anything too "posh and boring", people who are "Posh and boring", anything for "Uneducated barbaric idiots", people who are "Uneducated barbaric idiots".


Simplified Background:

Jaonath grew up with his aunt and mother a few hours from the city. They taught him magic, and he excelled in Destruction. Throughout his childhood, Jaonath visited the markets of the city, and collected strange items. One day, when Jaonath was ten, he nearly drowned wile swimming in a nearby lake. He was trying to reach a small island in the middle of a lake to explore; an overly ambitious feat for one who was still learning to swim. This has given him a great fear of drowning and deep water, despite being rescued by a friend. Jaonath’s father began showing up and teaching him swordplay, and his aunt funded his private tutoring at destruction. On his 16th birthday, a fight broke out between his father, mother and aunt over what path Jaonath would go down in the future. It ended with Jaonath being dragged away from his burning house, with both his parents unconscious in the garden. Jaonath’s aunt got them both into a Necromancer cult, and when Jaonath was asked to sacrifice an old man he instead cast a firestorm spell and killed the cultists as well as the sacrifice. The Ideal masters gifted Jaonath an odd sword (see weapons.), but he doesn't even know what that means. All he knows is he got a sword. Jaonath signed up with some mercenaries a few years later, and it was great. He got a certain sense of honour, learning to never kill an unarmed person. However, this seems a bit odd as he’s still fine to stab people in the back as long as they are armed and would be hostile if they saw him. Jaonath is now a treasure hunter, searching life with little more purpose than to survive and have a good time wile doing it. However, I think we all highly doubt that’ll happen.
Full Background:

Jaonath is the illegitimate son of a low-ranking Knight, and saw little of his half-Nord father when he was a child. His mother, an accomplished healer, raised him with the aid of her sister. Jaonath had a dislike of his aunt at a young age, for she was never a kind woman in his eyes. They lived on a small farm only a few hours from the city, and Jaonath spent many hours of his childhood working as quickly as possible so that he could pay a visit to the markets of the city. Jaonath always had a sharp eye for interesting trinkets, and managed to build a little collection of strange objects, such as fragments of Dwemer artifacts right up to a strange enchanted ring.

From the age of five, Jaonath was educated in things such as literacy, wile learning magic off of his mother and aunt. He was found to be surprisingly adept at these skills, particularly destruction magic. By the age of twelve, Jaonath had exhausted all of the destruction teachings his mother and aunt could give, and was steadily progressing through skills such as illusion and alteration. His mother did not approve of his preference for destruction, and constantly tried to push him towards skills such as restoration, or the lute. However, in one of her only memorable acts of kindness, Jaonath’s aunt paid for the boy to have private tutoring with high wizards of the destruction school.

At aged ten, Jaonath began learning how to swim. He was a fast learner, and this certainly got to his head. Bragging about his skill to an older friend, the two agreed to swim out into a nearby lake and reach the small island in the middle; hoping to explore. Jaonath was far too inexperienced for this, and began to panic as he got further from the shallows. His panic led to him being submerged in the water, thrashing around and trying to stay afloat. Though rescued by his friend and helped back to shore still conscious, Jaonath had nearly drowned. This has given him a great fear of drowning and deep water.

It was about this time that Jaonath’s father began appearing more regularly, teaching Jaonath swordplay, and recounting numerous tales of battle. In the years to follow, Jaonath would grow much closer to both his aunt and his father, wile growing away from his mother. On Jaonath’s sixteenth birthday he came home from the city to find his aunt, father and mother arguing. It was clear that the argument was about Jaonath, for, the second he walked in, they all turned to him. He was told that he wanted to come with his father and become a knight. He was told that he should listen to his aunt and practice at the destruction, and he was told that he should give up on that and become a healer, or study something useful.

Jaonath had little clue what he was meant to do, and suddenly his father had him by the arm. He was being led out of the house when a flesh atronach appeared before them. His aunt stepped forward, and pulled Jaonath away from his stunned father as the summoned atronach stood silent, blocking the door. The bickering broke out again, more heated this time as Jaonath backed away from the group, hoping to disappear out of a window.

Then the atronach attacked, smashing Jaonath’s mother against the wall. In seconds, the creature was hit by Jaonath’s firebolt, before his father’s sword finished the creature in one clean swipe. As the beast dissolved, into the air, returning to oblivion, Jaonath rushed over to his mother as his aunt and father began to fight over who’s fault it was the atronach lost control. In a few short seconds, another fight broke out, and Jaonath’s father was knocked to the floor by a blast of lightning. Jaonath’s aunt pulled Jaonath away from his wounded mother, and told him pack a bag.

Still shocked by the events, he obeyed, scooping his trinkets, some clothes and a shaving knife into a small leather bag. He grabbed his battered iron sword from under his bed and fastened it to his waist. He was dragged out of his house by his aunt in a world of his own, still in disbelief. The world seemed unreal as he saw his parents unconscious, propped up against a tree. He stood, staring in shock as his aunt’s fire spells lit the house ablaze, and stumbled as he was dragged away.

Jaonath never forgot that night, and hatred for his aunt grew over the next few months. As it transpired, Her plans were to bring him to a cult of Necromancers, so that they could accumulate power. Jaonath actively disliked most of the cult, but could get along with some of them. He always managed to slip away from the rituals and such, being taught by both his parents that dark magic was evil. He always had dreams of returning to the city and finding his parents, but didn’t know which way to run. He continued to practice both his magic and his swordplay, but privately this time.

One day, his aunt found out about him slipping away from the rituals. She shouted and screamed at him, calling him disrespectful for all she had done to get him power. Before he had a chance to shout back, she had grabbed him, and led him inside. An old man was tied up on a stone alter. She passed Jaonath a knife, and told him to sacrifice the man. Jaonath was filled with anger as he looked around himself, seeing the dozen of so cultists watching him eagerly. He dropped the knife, focused, and turned, casting a deadly firestorm spell. The yells of surprise and fear were drowned out as the fire roared out from Jaonath. When the spell was done, Jaonath fell to his knees, his vision swaying from the mighty effort of the spell. After a few long minutes, he dragged himself to his feet, turning with the vague hope that the old man was still alive. What he saw was a razor sharp, jet black sword resting atop the alter, the dead old man smoking on the floor. The black sword was decorated in brilliant silver, and the grip seemed to melt into his hand…

A gift, perhaps, for sending so many souls to the Ideal Masters. This was completely unintentional. Jaonath doesn't know that he did so to this day. It may never be known. But it's highly unlikely he'll be left alone for it. For now, Jaonath is still trying to figure out what happened that day, and why…

Ever since that day, Jaonath has been… well, about anything he needs to be. One of his longest standing "jobs" was with a small band of mercenaries in Hammerfell. Here, Jaonath built his skill with blades, learning from the rest of the group. His skills were honed as he went with the group for just over a year, before, on his 21st birthday, he decided to journey back to High Rock. One of the greatest things he took from this group was a certain honour. Jaonath remembers one speech particularly well:

Killing is essential for people like us; there is no use in trying to escape it. If they are hostile, you put them down before they can blink. But if any of you kill an unarmed opponent, I will stab you myself.

This is a code Jaonath sticks to in life. He accepts that he will have to kill to get by; but he will never kill an unarmed or surrendering opponent. His code can seem odd to others if they see him leap from the shadows and drive his sword into the back of a bandit, but Jaonath will tell them that the person was armed and hostile. As to if that is correct or not, it really depends on what you think.

As to what Jaonath does now... well, he is a treasure hunter.

He is the first to pick up on rumours of old caverns full of treasure, and always down for a good bandit raid if the coin is good enough. Although his honour can be questionable, he never really means harm. He is yet to become stinking rich from any of these jobs, he always manages to get by with quite a bit extra. Some may wonder what he’d do if he actually did find a cave filled to the top with rubies and gold, for he seems to treasure hunt for the joy of it more than anything else…

As I’ve said, please give feedback! If I’m BREAKING any lore please tell me! I don't mind you making me aware of where I'm bending it (added as of confusion), but I'm more likely to clarify to you what I mean and justify my use rather than change if it's the latter.

Thanks to Sarin Strdr of TESOF for his alternate suggestion about the Origins of the sword Jaonath carries that bend the lore less.

Thanks for reading!!!

Hope to see you in game!
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I do not believe I have seen a single Nordic knight they act more as barbarians but are not all barbaric a knight is a formal title and would be seen more likely amongst Bretons in high rock as to how high rock generally runs. not saying that it is impossible but highly improbably. What daedra was worshipped. And the sword seems fairly lore breaking to me as no such weapon has been noted amongst any Divines or daedra. Perhaps it would have been better to write that it was a simple necromancer group that was sacrificing to the Ideal masters in exchange for power on the stone. When he cast his spell the ideal masters got more than what they asked for and returned the favor to the young magi.

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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Pretty detailed character, though perhaps you should change the short bio to the top and have the longer version afterwards!

I agree about the half nordic knight seeming atypical, and you could always make his mother half nordic. I have to say, I quite enjoy the idea of him carrying around a sword he barely understands and that holds a power he cannot fully use.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry to admit: The sword... I'm keeping it. I'm not going to overpower make it sword of a thousand truths. If you want to keep to 100% all confirmed lore, It's an Ebony sword that's been decorated. I'm 100% FINE with people RPing that with me. If you want to /bend/ the lore a bit, it is a Daedric weapon. It's not going to do +100 extra damage or any other crap, it's just very hard so doesn't need sharpening, and opens up yet more Lore /BENDING/. Remember, the planes of Oblivion are infinite... And that's very WIP anyway.

I do appreciate the ideal masters idea. However, I did have something similar planned but with Daedra from a far-flung plane of Oblivion we just have not seen yet. That's where the sword comes from. And as Thorfinn said, he has no real idea what power the sword really holds; meaning I have some motivation to seek in RP.

EDIT!: I've thought over it. And I'm beginning to really like the idea actually. It links him to Dark Magic, and also gives him some Occult link I can work with. Perhaps agents of the Masters try to reclaim the fine gift? And I'm not talking about giving him a box and a post address. Although, I could do so with Daedra... I'll look up what is the most do-able, probably will decide closer to launch >_> I may update some time in the near future... Will be SURE to give you a Nod Sarin!

And yes. I agree High Rock's political system is rather more... well, Like French, English etc times rather than The Norse style Nords. However, again, I'm probably keeping it. His father was the Half-Nord, after all, meaning his father is also Half BRETON. His father was raised by his Breton Father and Nord mother in High Rock, meaning he could get in with one of the many nobles and become a minor knight, despite his Nordic Heratige. And Jaonath's blood is more Breton than that, getting 50% Breton from his mother and 25% Breton 25% Nord from his Father.

And thanks for the rather clever point out that the short one should be on top. I derped >_>

EDIT 2: I decided to go with the Ideal masters thing, I can work with it just as well and there are examples of Mortals being given things by them. Thank you for the idea!
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Well done very well detailed character especially the quarter Nord blood

Vlos Hithern!
The Blood Coven!

Va Khaj Dar!
The council of Arcanea!

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I`m glad to have helped looking forward to role-play with you sometime

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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