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Started by Nicklas
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Firstname – Jo’Nik
Title - None
Sex - Male
Race - Khajiit
Age - 27
Occupation – Historian
Faction – Mage’s guild
Appearance – Young male, average build.
Personality - Dandoc is an individual of great integrity and morality. He tends to be very respectful of every culture, unless they involve immoral practices, and he often approaches the unknown with an almost childlike sense of awe. Passionate and unpredictable, he is by no means a pushover. He can easily fight back if provoked and he is not someone to be underestimated. He never accepts no-win scenarios.
Social Background/Backstory –
Jo’Nik grew up in a pretty common Khajiit family. Normal parents and a skooma dealer for brother. Less agile than most members of his clan, his lack of physical aptitudes always made him more of a loner. He didn’t like moonsugar and actually pity all these poor Khajiit who couldn’t live without it. Bad at physical prowess, aim and manual crafting wasn’t in his skills either. He couldn’t be further apart from the rest of his family. So he turned to books. Starting to love story about other countries, other planes and ancient history.

Loving to help and reasonably good at medical things, he would have loved to become a healer. With notes, he could make decent potions, but he did not have enough memory for deeper study as a medical healer and he knew it. He could have been one of those traveling healer in Elsweyr but he was seeking a more stable and recognize profession. Since he did not meet the imperial standards for medical study, his love of learning and natural magical predisposition lead him to seek the field of magical study and history. Searching for a place to learn, he turned his eyes toward Cyrodiil since Elsweyr wasn’t obviously the place to get that quality of education.

So he left without much thought. The road was long. Traveling by foot, it took him quite some time to reach the Empire. After all, he wasn’t going to use one of these horses and he was thinking that ridding on a bigger Khajiit was the most insane idea he ever heard. Having always lived in southern Elsweyr, when the border had been crossed, he found an entirely different world. He wasn’t that used of meeting the other races and their clear racial prejudice against Khajiit. That caused him more trouble that he had anticipated and lead him to seek another destination than the imperial city itself. He finally reaches the Chorrol mage guild and decided to stay there. He found in the other members a family he didn’t thought he could ever have.

He started to love books and ancient history, Snow elves and Dwemer were of high interest for him. But it was the other planes of Oblivion that really caught him. Every book he could find on the subject, he kept them. He read Morian Zenas "On Oblivion" so many times that he actually knew it by heart. His work on Daedric princes and conjuration impressed most of his fellow guild members. But it was as an accomplished historian that he started to be known. Ancient civilizations were his specialty. But history was never that profitable, so he was also doing business for the guild with enchanting services.

It was a life he loved. Up until everything felt apart. Together with one of his fellow colleague he was delving in some deep Dwemer ruins. They had heard that a statue of great historical relevance was buried there. They never found it. While crossing a ledge, they faced a Dwemer ballista. The moment they saw it, it was already too late. Jo’Nik had the chance to avoid the arrow… his friend did not have this luck. Jo’Nik ran to the exit faster than he ever thought possible. After that, he simply couldn’t stay in Chorrol. He packed his things and started traveling. He never could find another place like Chorrol. Every times he stopped; it remembered him of the friend he lost. With time, he started to accept it more but still, exploring with someone else again always seemed strange.
Best Memory – The first time he read "On Oblivion".
Worst Memory – The death of one of his fellow teammate during an expedition, killed by a Dwemer ballista. He often has nightmare about that Dwemer automaton’s sound.
Skills – Mage but always carrying a shield and wearing medium armor when exploring, in case something attacks him. After all, Dwemer automatons and Falmers have been the main cause of death of many historians over the years.
Challenges for the Character – He is an explorer, never shying from an opportunity to delve in strange place, even if it’s way too dangerous for him. Often in hard situations from having recklessly put paws somewhere he shouldn’t have.
Birthsign - Mage
Religious Views – He worship Hermaeus Mora.
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Daggerfall Covenant
the quest for knowledge is a noble one mages guild isn`t technically a faction but I know what you mean the backstory doesn`t have a whole lot of content to it though

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Pm for details.
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