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Jo'Shima Dar'mahkar

Started by darklady5
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Jo'Shima the Mad




Young, likely mid twenties at most.


The Dark Brotherhood

Jo'Shima stands smaller then most Khajiit her age, with a lean built adapted to climbing and athletics. Tangled fur the color of charcoal is marked ornately with dashes of cream. Irises of gold are set in attractive almond sockets glinting with possible madness. Her slender maw is heavily scarred with one of these long and falling vertically down the left side of her muzzle. A large scar also crosses her back from left shoulder to right hip. The tip of her tail bends in a way suggesting it was broken once and healed incorrectly.

When on contract the Khajiit dresses in the appropriate attire of the dark brotherhood with a dagger and short sword at her side. For a cowl she prefers that with a face mask and wears a perculiar amulet at all times.

When out and about she wielda the same weapons but stows her robes in her pack in favor of a black hood detailed in purple archaic symbols along the edge and matching black mage like robes and sandles and gloves and always the necklace.

Her clothes always look worn and have a singed and magically damaged appearance to them. Even her pack looks this way.

Devotion - Ever devoted to the Night Mother and Sithus and undetterrable in this faith and trust.
MADNESS - A prodominate quality that makes her already difficulty with interaction all the poorer. It is easy to see this Khajiit is truely mad, though at times it seems a carefree enjoyable madness and others....
Murder - She does so enjoy the color red painted on the walls as it streams from a fresh kill. When time permits the malicious and disturbing creature loves to take a moment to really enjoy her work such as in acts of rearranging a victims innards to decorate a hall or painting pretty pictures, sometimea wearing the blood on her fur like a set of tribal tattoos.

Social Background/Backstory
Jo'Shima was born an illegitimate child, from a cheating mother who was also under blame for a string of murders ending with the death of the local Mane. Jo'Shimas mother was banished hardly a month after her kits birth.

Jo'shimas mother traveled far into the snowy lands of Skyrim, and quickly grew lost in the mountains. Unable to keep moving and knowing it to be a futilious task, her mother used her dying body to warm her child and prayed to Ahnissa her child would be saved. And so the Khajiit deity answered this prayer.

An imperial woman in her late sixties came upon the mewls of a pitiful Khajiit runt. This Imperial woman was an outcast, paranoid and had spent many years alone in an old cottage nearby. She also had a rather unsightly obsession with cats.

So it was she took the Khajiit kit as her own, never permitting the child to roam beyond the front door out of a paranoia that someone would take her little kit away. But Jo'Shima wanted only freedom and detested her false mother. She silently prayed for the day her false mother would die in some despicable manner.

The Night Mother answered this prayer. The paranoid imperial woman wronged another, and this other called for her life. It was a particularily snowy day when a young man of the Dark Brotherhood came and slew the false mother. After he had gone Jo'Shima crept from her hiding place to study the body and, in a moment of insanity and glee began to tear apart the body and decorate the house before leaving for a new life.

The Khajiit was eternally greatful, and soon sought out information on her mysterious savior, only having the memory of the insignia on his robes as a clue. Her research guided her to join and study with the mages guild for a small while, where she showed a touch of promise with illusion and destruction. She remained for some time with the guild until she was banished from their ranks when they uncovered her as the source of a mass murder. She had been payed to supply a necromancer with a few test subjects. She was thrown in jail but luckily escaped when she made a friend behind bars, an Altmer whom she killed soon after their escape.

It was that very night she was draftef for the Dark Brotherhood. Finally discovering the source of her long search she was quick to pledge herself to the deities of the Brotherhood, and remained loyal as she slowly yet steadily climbed the ranks, taking every contract she could. It was quicklu descerned she had a knack for contracts that focused more on making a statement. Discresion was not her strong point.

Soon after joining the Dark Brotherhood she encountered the man who had taken her false mothers life, and in delusion she pledged loyalty to him as well. Years passed and a romance blossemed between herself and the Redguard Brother. He presented her with a necklace he called the 'Eye of Sithus' for it looked like an eye. She still wears it to this day.

All seemed perfect. But perfect lasts only so long. A traitor had been suspected in the Falkreath Sanctuary, but as she had joined after the fact, she was free of suspicion. She was ordered to assist in a purification, forced to choose between the life of her beloved and her loyalty to Sithus.

She faced him down. Her beloved. She faltered as she held the dagger, knowing his innocence yet torn by duty. The truth tumbled from her lips. Yet he showed her understanding, guided her blade with one hand and stepped close to embrace her as he embraced death.

After she commited this act she was caught and nearly killed for treason, but one of the Speakers who had ordered this act defended her, as it had been by wish of the Nightmother. As such she was given for her loyalty the title of Execution for which she is proud of. Many of the Brotherhood reacted negativly and doubtful especially as the years wore on. Since that day the Khajiits work became more brutal, her insanity deepened. Those of the Brotherhood feared one day she would snap. Despite this... and all that had happened... She never lost her loyalty to Sithus and the Night Mother even when the true traitor was uncovered. But she never trusted again.
Well, save for her beloved Night Mother and Dread Father of course...

Best Memory
Decorating the dining hall with the remains of her false mother.

Worst Memory
Every moment spent under that wretched womans rule.

The last embrace of her beloved.

Sneaking, Lockpicking, Wielding Daggers and some spells (Chameleon/Invisibility, Simple Fireball, Snowball, Shock) and of course Night-eye

Challenges for the Character
Trust - She does not trust
Madness - Her insanity causes general wariness beyond racial issues. Plus with how much mess she makes its a wonder she hasn't been caught yet.
Magical Clumsiness - She may be able to make a fireball but it more often sets her friends on fire rather then her enemies. Her chameleon/invisibility is the only spell that doesnt suffer this but it only lasts as long as she can focus.
Easily distracted - Focus? Whats foc- oh look a pretty organ! That would look beautiful as a centerpiece!
Pride - She is very prideful. Quick to anger especially if you insult the night mother or Sithus.
Jelousy - Very jelous of the Keeper and Listener. Insanly jelous (heh get it?) Her life goal is one of those.
Naive - She is quite cocky when it comes to her ability and position as a Dark Brotherhood member, almost naivly innocent in her trust that she has nothing to fear.

The Thief
' Those born under the sign of The Thief have increased Agility, Speed, and Luck. '

Religious Views
Jo'Shima follows under the Night Mother and Dread Lord. All other deities mean nothing to her though she does have some kinship and reverance for the Daedric Prince of Madness...

Politics Views
Politics concern her little unless someone is paying for some royal blood to be shed. It matters little who is on the throne... so long as nothing gets in her way.


I heard that Khajiit has a bounty in every hold over a thousand septims.

That one over there... see her? My brother told me he seen her digging up the dead!

Did you hear? Apparently that cat has shown up with a number of different aliases... wonder who she reay is?

They say that one is the daughter of Sheogeroth. Or the bodily incarnation... something like that. I swear my cousin saw her make it rain cheese!

That Khajiit? Oh yeah... her. Yah seen Darkin Mortierre? Shes the one who messed him up real bad I bet.

They say when you pray to the nightmother hers is the name most called upon to finish the job....
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Hail Darklady5! creator of Jo'Shima Dar'Mahkar. Welcome to the RP forums! i hope you enjoy your stay! ^-^
You have some good aspect here, one of them i really like and would like you to expand on but i'll get to that in a bit. any way onto the feedback!

ok i'm going to some up the issue with your character, list the problems leading to said issue and then i'll say i think you can improve Jo'Shima Dar'Mahkar ^-^

The issue is that she is too perfect! perfection is not fun :c, it removes depth and people can't relate to her! the first thing that i noticed was that she is a silencer for the Dark Brotherhood. i would suggest not making her this! it feels like too much of an important role in the elder scrolls universe, sure its not as bad as being the listener or one of the speakers but keep in mind there are only 5 (or four depending if the listener has one) silencers for the dark brother! i would keep her in the dark brotherhood but i wouldnt make her such a high rank.
In personality i'm seeing no weaknesses! she enjoys her work, shes warm and inviting in a conversaion yet its a cover, shes a clean killer st times yet a messy ine at others and she is unpredictable. remove some of the perfections and add some imperfections! make her a really messy killer! 'she sees her work as art so paints the walls with their entrails! its a wonder how she hasn't been caught yet!'

now onto the bio, the part that i really like was that an imperial woman took her in! i would love to know more on this. though i don't see Jo'Shima being locked in her room can be a reason to "dance in a pool of her mothers blood". Why did the mother lock her in a room, why on earth did a imperial woman want a khajiit daughter!! that bit right there i find the most interesting and if you manage to explain that i think your bio will improve alot. Theres still too much perfection in your bio :c, "she quickly rose through the ranks and became silencer" and "that the night mother called for you herself", trust me, make her sound less perfect! you'll find people root for the underdog :)

You might want to expand on her joining the Dark Brotherhood! did she say yes straight away? did the recruiter even gave her a choice and her live is being taken from one person and another? and most importantly! what was her first kill?? who was it? was it easy to kill your first person? did your character screw up? i think the Dark Brotherhood 'ask' you to kill someone before joining their ranks to see if you can kill on command.

Skill, you know, they are all perfect for an assassin! how can she possibly miss a mark? please make it less so. talented in speech is a strange one for Khajiit, many look down on them. your speech skill if useless if people refuse to talk to you :P

I do see some potential for this character and i hope i didn't sound too harsh with my feedback :c. i look forward in seeing this character grow and develop ^-^

Quib - Argonian Adventurer
Garce Tilvvan - Dunmer Witch Hunter
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)

Khajiit usually dont use last names and they also got only one prefix.
having more than one prefix is seen as beeing self centered and foolish.

also do not let your character start out with a high rank in any organization.
Simply because it will not match up with the reality of the game.

Also as quib mentioned: there is nothing actually interresting to your character. going into mary sue territory.
Beeing an assasin (The most overdone and overly cool archetype) doesnt help.
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
So totally revamped thanks to awsome critques tho im sticking eith the assassiny archtype because its what im mot comfortable with but added issues like easy distraction too and to clarify she is more insane then cicero so this could effect her big time say if she was ment to hit a few marks or a guarded mark she could be so distracted in her fun she might laugh too loud and joyfully or be too distracted and get caught. Her abilities depend on her very unstable mental focus...

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Aldmeri Dominion
Very interesting character (khajiit too, always a plus XD), looks like the critiques added a lot of depth to her. Jo'Shima seems a lot like cicero, or some of the other crazier dark brotherhood members. I haven't seen anyone try to RP a character like that, so that's very interesting. I would assume that makes it very difficult for others to interact with her.

One thing I would suggest is to say something besides not caring about politics. You could write something about Jo'Shima's thoughts on the Aldmeri Dominion. Does she respect that alliance, or not in favor of it? Maybe there are some certain issues that she feels strongly about? Maybe she truly couldn't care less. Just some ideas.

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Im baaaaaaackkk mwuhahhahahahahahha


Yeah i was going for a cicero type feel (Nightmother bless that man) so im glad it had that manner. I love rping madness... to think if she hadnt strayed into the arms of the the nightmother she may have been quite the loyal subject of Sheogoroth...

As to her polotical views not only does she really think little of it (the nightmother and sithus are all she needs in a leader really.. to her no matter what power stands ahead she will continue as she is) but also my knowledge is severly limited on skyrim politics aside from the whole norods and imperials thing.. which i never got into as a khajiit much... bleh. Plus i myself am not a political person.. never voted... and no that doesnt mean were gonna start an interwebs war about why i should care :/

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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
I think ill also keep the double titles as its for that very reason they are so fitting. She is quite prideful and cocky to the point of naitivity... though her false mother gave them to her telling her she deserved the titles as she was far too good to play with other children she kept them as an assassin because of these later character traits.

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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Added a rumors section

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Ebonheart Pact
I always love a slightly gothic character. Good job. :)

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Lol thanks :) shes quite... disturbing...

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Daggerfall Covenant
Can never go wrong with a lovely disemboweling :)

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Pm for details.
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