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Join The Daggerfall Special-Ops Today!

Started by Kaynious Major
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Daggerfall Covenant
Special operations are typically performed independently or in conjunction with conventional military operations. The primary goal is to achieve a political or military objective where a conventional force requirement does not exist or might affect the overall strategic outcome. Special operations are usually conducted in a low-profile manner that typically aim to achieve the advantage of speed, surprise, and violence of action against an unsuspecting target. Special ops are typically carried out with limited numbers of highly trained personnel that are able to operate in all environments, utilize self-reliance, are able to easily adapt and overcome obstacles, and use unconventional combat skills and equipment to complete objectives.
We Are The Strong, The Clever, The Brave, The Elite
May All Those Who Oppose Us Fall At Our Feet,
Let Our Enemies' Blood Run Throughout The Fields Of Cyrodiil,
For We Cannot Be Stopped Until We Accomplish Every Kill,
For Our Covenant, Our Nation, Our Homes, Our Families,
From The Peaks Of Mountains, To The Depths Of Valleys,
Let Our Victories Be Heard, Be Told Or Read,
Til The Fields Run Red, Til The Fields Run Red....
Founded By Kaynious Major I, The Daggerfall Special Operations Main Focus Is To Take Control Of Cyrodiil In Honor Of The Daggerfall Covenant. We Assist Each Other In Ranking And Suppling To Overcome Any Foe And Become The Strongest Guild In Tamriel.
Visit Our Website and sign up!

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Kaynious Major (Sons of Akavir)
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