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Jorl Rolle

Started by Fritodelay
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Firstname -Jorl Surname - Rolle
Title - One of the best Spellswords in High Rock
Sex -Male
Race -Breton
Occupation - Books, Hunting And Enchanting
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - 6"3 220LBS , not amazingly athletic but decently strong , dirty blonde hair , green eyes and White Skin
Personality - Charismatic , Funny , Smart and Cocky
Social Background/Backstory - Born to a Loving Family of Bakers and Cooks in Cyrrodil , He loved his Life but when War broke out , He was Forced to move Morrowind Where his dad was Born , He didint like it there , He thought it was Ugly and A mess , and His dad Developed a Skooma Addiction and A gambling addiction Because of this He Turned to a Life of Thievary The city guards always troubled him , He didin't like it in Seyda Neen so he Moved to Balmora there He heard that the Covenant Were looking for Soldiers to lead them to Victory , He Trained and Trained and Trained for 2 years , Then he moved to High Rock and Joined the Covenant
Best Memory - Stealing 5000 Gold Septims From A visiting Imperial Politician
Worst Memory - Moving to Morrowind and Leaving Everyone Behind
Skills - Pickpocket , Lockpicking , Master with a Blade And he is also an Expert at the Arcane arts Challenges for the Character - Getting Used to living in Morrowind
Birthsign - The Mage
Religious Views Worships Akatosh , Dosent care for any other Divine
Politics Views If Daggerfall Ruled Cyrrodil all would be Fine[/align]
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