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Joscelin Lauret

Started by Thorfinn
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Ebonheart Pact
Name: Joscelin Lauret
Sex: Male
Age: Born 2E 557
Race: Breton
Birthsign: The Lord

Religious Views: Devout and yet skeptical. A part of him remains faithful to the Eight Divines of his forefathers, but he has read of and encountered so many other forms of worship he is beginning to see them as arbitrary personifications that do no justice to the beings they represent.

Occupation: Penitent Knight, Vampire, Templar.
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance: Joscelin resembles the flower of Breton nobility. He stands at nearly 6’1, and carries perhaps 200 lbs of lean muscle. He possesses fair, pale skin and long, wavy mahogany brown hair. Joscelin’s face bears the delicacy of his people’s mer lineage, well defined cheekbones and a clean cut, handsome face, though it carries the gravity of an older man. He attempts to remain clean-shaven. His eyes are an icy blue-grey most of the time, and there is a light shadow around his eyes, as if he sleeps poorly. There is something boyish about him; after all, he was bitten when he was 18, and has not aged a day since that moment.

Equipment: Joscelin’s armour was made or him by one of Wayrest’s finest smiths. It was once a glorious sight. The steel is well worn now, but well maintained. Firstly he wears a padded aketon with patches of chainmail sewn into areas that are not covered by plate; joints and so forth. Over that he dons a chestplate, upper arm plates and chassures that cover his hips. Following this are steel gorget, pouldrons and vambraces, all decorated with swirling silver patterns now scratched and worn. His legs are covered by similar steel plates, all the way down to his feet. This heavy armour provides some flexibility around the core – crucial for combat, whilst protecting the extremities. (Concept Art on the right.)

Joscelin also carries an elegant steel sword, hand an a half in style. Forged for his hand, it has a simple curved verticle crosspiece with a leather bound handle and lobed pommel. He also carries a steel dagger for additional protection and for other small tasks. Finally, he has his horse, Tancred, a brown travelling cloak and various spell books and tomes of knowledge. He always carries a saddlebag full of potions of Blood.

Personality: Joscelin is a withdrawn, private man; he has quite the secret to keep. Overtly gentle and cautious, he attempts to put everyone at ease and is rarely confrontational. He is also impeccably well mannered and polite. Seeking to make amends for the creature he has become, he takes on any task, large or small, if it will help others, from clearing out local bandits to fetching water from a well. Is this he follows the long tradition of his fellow Breton’s as questing heroes. He has a rather over-compensatory mindset, believing in clearly discernible right and wrong, unable to compromise, unable to ignore wrongdoing. He hates Vampires with a great passion. It is clear that he also hates that part of himself.

Skills: Joscelin is a battlemage. His magical talents are split between Destruction and Restoration. He is most proficient with fire and lightning spells. He can also heal up to a point, and possesses several spells which, though from the school of restoration, are harmful to undead. He has trained with a sword since he could hold one, and is a talented swordsman. He also fights well from horseback. Finally, he possesses some skill with minor Alchemy.

Challenges for the Character: Joscelin cannot reconcile his two sides, he genuinely believes in nobility and honour, despite everything, and adheres to a strict code. However, he must deceive and lie to those around him to continue his quest. Bound by duty, he will do anything to make amends for the sins of his forefathers and for his own. The kind of people he gets on best with would kill him if they knew the truth; therefore Jos is withdrawn and does not work well with others.


Joscelin was born to Tristan and Marian Lauret, the Lord and Lady of a small but peaceful valley in the hills west of Evermore, near the border of Hammerfell. A few scattered villages surrounded the town of Longford, not far from which stood the families keep. Joscelin grew up a happy, carefree child, schooled in duty and honour, trained with sword and horse. The greatest concerns he had were the infrequent raids of petty bandits and the boredom of heraldry lessons.

He grew into a fine young man, well known in the court at Evermore and well-liked by the people he was intended to rule over. Yet soon everything would be brought to ruin. It began in 2E 574, when the castle played host to a travelling Altmer noble named Eluid. When they left, Tristan went with him, telling his family he would soon return. For three years they waited, and they had no word from him. Now nearly a grown man, Joscelin left to find the truth of the matter for himself with a few picked men. He tracked the noble for nearly a year, riding from place to place, town to town. Eventually, he tracked the Altmer to a keep deep within the deserts of Hammerfell. He did not find his father, but he did find the truth of the matter. The Altmer was an ancient and powerful Vampire Lord, gathering his forces, spinning his web over all of Tamriel. His family had served this Altmer since the elves had ruled High Rock, generation after generation of Vampires bound in service to him. Eluid, the Vampire Lord calmly explained that very few of his forefathers were actually dead; they remained in their coffins until he awoke to command them. That time had come.

Eluid offered Joscelin the boon of Vampirism. Horrified, the boy refused, and the pair fought. Joscelin was overcome with hideous ease, bitten and cast into the desert. He dreamed hideous dreams. When he awoke in the empty ruins of the keep, fully transformed, he was unable to restrain himself. He went from place to place, slaking his thirst, travelling by night. Soon, though, he regained control. He returned home to his mother and sister bearing the news. Naturally it was not easy to believe; only a visit to the family sepulchre could convince them. With that painful task complete, he revealed his own condition. His mother broke down at the news, and in her madness divulged this information to her doctors. Forced to flee from his home, Joscelin took only his sword, his armour and his horse. His family was thrown into disrepute, barred from the court at Wayrest and shunned by their family. Only once his sister Rose and mother Marian had submitted to inspections by priests of Arkay were they allowed to live with Marian’s brother.

Jos fled High Rock and travelled at once to Cyrodiil to the Imperial City, perusing the libraries of the School of Julianos and the Order of Arkay. He sought a cure for his curse, but could hardly reveal why. He was forced to feed regularly on innocents, an act which brought him closer and closer to ending his own life. He was no scholar, and neither alchemist nor mage, his research was limited and shrouded in ignorance. Ultimately, however, he was saved by the very things he most hated. He was recognized by some ‘fellow’ Vampires. Unaware of their folly, they took him under their wing. He saw this as a last chance to learn something of note. They taught him how they concealed themselves, showed him potions they took, including the Potion of Blood. They also taught him that one could feed on all animals, not just humans. Armed with this knowledge, he was faced with a crossroads, Joscelin chose to dedicate his life to hunting his foe, to finding a cure and restoring his family to their lands, title and good repute. He soon realized that he could turn the power of magic against his foes, and sought instruction. Despite his Vampirism advancing his Illusion proficiency, he refused to use such trickery and concerned himself with Restoration and Destruction Magic. He was able to secure regular stocks of the Potion of Blood, though knew it was hardly better than feeding, at least it could be constructed in ways that did not always harm innocent folk.

For three years he studied in every Mages Guild in Cyrodiil, searching, accumulating knowledge and information on Vampires and other kinds of villainy. A few days after his twenty first birthday, he left and began to scour the rest of Cyrodiil for information, doing good deeds to make up for his affliction, helping people were he could, and hunting Vampires with cold certainty. He always maintained a close search for any sign of Eluid’s machinations, and any sign of his father and any of his family still in service to the Altmer.
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