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Julian Legate of the 4th

Started by Legion0575
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Firstname - Julian

Surname - Maxentius

Title - Legate of the 4th Legion

Sex - Male

Race - Imperial

Age - 31

Occupation - Imperial Soldier

Faction - Mede Empire

Appearance - To say Julian is tall, is quite an understatement. He is almost 6 feet 7 inches tall. Taller than most Nords and Imperials. This makes him quite an empowering character in a room, as he is seen as a natural essence of power. He is large all around the body as well. With giant calves due to his long journey across Cyrodil, and large thighs as well, he has muscly arms, and large wide shoulders. He has a very "scruffy" brown beard, and very short light brown hair. He has light blue eyes, and has some acne on his forehead along with some dirt on his cheeks. He has a small but deep scar on his right shoulder as a result of a Thalmor Arrow during the Great War. After his incident at Helgen, and his joining of the Imperial Legion, he wears Studded Imperial Armor, with Steel Nordic Gauntlets, and Steel Cuffed Boots. He wears a Light Imperial helmet as well, and uses a tempered Imperial Sword. He uses a heavy Imperial Shield as well. He wears an Amulet of Stendarr around his neck as a token from Cyrodil.

Personality - Julian is a very gregarious, and also charitable person, he knew very early in life that morals are above anything else, and that a man must always have honor and keep his morals at heart, for that is what keeps evil at bay. Due to this, he is always happy, as because of his occupation he gets to help others. However, he has a deep Loyalty to the Empire, and this is most likely his one fatal flaw. He is so loyal, that he kills rebels on sight, whether they surrendered or not. He has been reported to get into fights with people in Inns due to his strong Loyalty to The Emperor, and has been known to even murder anybody known as an, "Enemy" of the Empire. His loyalty to the Empire however means nothing of his relationship to the Thalmor. He feels nothing but vengeance toward the Elves, and usually kills any Thalmor patrols he finds. He is usually quite rude toward the Thalmor, but holds no resentment toward Elves, as he believes they have been "betrayed" by the Thalmor.

Best Memory - The Sack of Windhelm

Worst Memory - The butchering of his entire family during The Great War.

Skills - A skilled diplomat and an extremely crafty and capable warrior.

Challenges for the Character - His oath of honor, because due to his large amount of honor, he never breaks the law, and attempts to always do the good thing, no matter what the consequences are. His strong loyalties toward the Emperor often get him into trouble, and his vengeance against the Thalmor has made him multiple powerful enemies.

Birthsign - The Warrior

Religious Views- He is very keen on studying and praising the Divine Stendarr, as he sees Stendarr as a shining light that will lead him out of the misery of Cyrodil and make him a hero.

The following was found in the first issue of Julian's Journal.

By Stendarr's might, I never thought I would have made it here. It wasn't easy running by the border guards to get here, but damned here I am. T'is colder than expected, but that wont deter me. But since this is my journal I might as well start from the beginning.

It was 27 Years ago, and the "Great War" was in full swing. My family was the Maxentius family, a long time supporter of the Mede dynasty, as my Grandfather was a part of the Imperial Council to Emperor Attrebus Mede, and my father is a Legate in the 8th Legion commanded by General Adrian Herecius.

Ahh my Father, a smart, funny, and bright man who was fiercely loyal to the Emperor. He had been awarded with this loyalty with a Plantation OUTSIDE the Imperial City, catch that? Outside? That'll be important later. My family lived there, my old grandma, Agrippa, My Uncle, Septimius, and my Mother Domna, who had just given birth to a new born son Valerius.

The Year was 174 of the 4th Era, and the Great War wasn't going well, because, well, the Thalmor were pushing everywhere, and my father and his Legion were being pushed back at every turn trying to hold back the damned elves. Then on the 12th of Second Seed, they launched a full blown assault, and my family's house was caught in the middle.

I remember it all, one moment we were all hiding, barricading the doors, doing something to try and save ourselves, the next, in came 10 Thalmor soldiers, who butchered my mother and her baby in front of my own eyes. My Grandma was set on fire due to a spell, and my uncle had a dagger in his throat. I tried to run outside but when I made it there, I was met with a arrow in my shoulder.

That was the last I remembered before I passed out. I awoke in a tavern, "The King and Queen Tavern." The people there told me that the day after the Thalmor sacked the city, they went out to check on my family, and only found my body, and they took it back here. They also told me the Thalmor had burned my plantation to the ground.

I began to know the people very well, the Innkeeper was Francis Marillin, and the wife of the innkeeper was Julia Marillin. They became like 2nd parents to me, but in 175, the Emperor struck back, with the battle of the Red Ring, he took back the City, and annihilated the Thalmor here, and I remember seeing him ride through the gates with his legionnaires beside him. He was my emperor.

Weeks later came news of the White-Gold Concordat, and the end of the war. I hate the Thalmor, I really do, because, from that moment on, I could not worship Talos, the founder of the Empire, the Hero of Tamriel! How dare they do this! News has been slow as well, and I had yet to see or receive news of my father.

He is dead. 2 days after news of the Treaty arrived, so did the news that my father, along with most of the Eighth Legion, died taking back the city. I prayed to the divines for his well being. But I believed I would have to start praying for my own.

The next 25 Years I worked in that city, I worked as a hunter, as a sellsword, as a shopkeeper, all to raise money so I could stay in the tavern.

It all changed in the year 200 4E.
The two innkeepers were arrested and publicly executed for worshipping of Talos, something that I still did secretly but I was at least smart enough to not have any physical evidence of. The new innkeepers told me that it was getting hard for me to stay there, so next year, they said, I would have to go find my own way.

It was a year later, and just that week, we had heard news of how General Tullius and the 4th Legion had made it to Skyrim to reinforce the battered 6th Legion there, and finally end that idiotic Nord rebellion.

So I made my way north with only 100 Septims in my pockets and with no clothes except the ones on my back.

I stayed in inns all along the way, and around halfway through the journey, I had to stop in the town of Bruma, where I immediately saw a Breton woman crying. I asked her, what is wrong? She answered, "Those damned elves took him! Up the Road Please help me get him back!" So, I marched up the road and saw two Thalmor and a man in ragged garb. "STOP CITIZEN! This is official Thalmor business be on your way!" Well, they will be on their way to their Gods right now, because I stabbed them bothe immediately and freed the man. No regrets.

Finally when I made it to the border, they wouldn't let me through.

So, I sprinted past them, and well, they didn't care enough to follow.

So here I am, in Darkwater crossing, I am sleeping in a bed roll for the first time, and the people seem nice enough to give me work, however a group of only about 15 Soldiers is here, wearing blue clad uniforms, led by a man in a fur trimmed coat, they call Jarl Ulfric, they seem restless, but I assume its nothing.

Hopefully I can raise enough money to travel to The Capital, Solitude, and join the Legion. But now, I need to sleep....

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Always true to our emperor...Whoever that happens to be.

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I like this bio. The whole soldier thing is a pretty unique idea IMO. Though you may want to expand a bit more on his appearance.

One other thing though. TESO takes place during the second era after the reign of the Cyrodiil dynasty and before the reign of the Spetim dynasty. The Mede dynasty, the great war and the Skyrim civil war don't take place until about two thousand years after the events of TESO. If this bio is for a specific RP set during the rebellion then I apologies.

The backstory is really more of an overview of the character's life up until the present. The journal thing should probably go into the library section.

The Kynaran Order
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Thanks, I will make sure to edit that and make his appearance, a bit more... Well, detailed.
I did have a feeling that was the weak link of my Bio, so thanks for pointing it out.
And yes, this is set in Skyrim, and the Role Play started by Hobado.
And yeah, the journal wouldnt be bad to put in the Library but I think i will just keep it here for a large Backstory :3

Thanks again for the critique.
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Always true to our emperor...Whoever that happens to be.

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I will start out by welcoming you to the website. It already good to see that you have a good start on your Bio that you have been working on.

So, when I first read his appearance, I was confused. I was not able to get a picture of how he looks like, just because the explanation was very vague. How tall is he compared to the average imperial, or average nord? If some one is very tall, large, and doesn't have a lot of muscle on him, I think of the person as overweight. Is he lean? Muscular? Big boned? I do like how you let us now he has a scar on his shoulder, but what of other physical flaws? Is the imperial athletic, or out of shape? Is one eyelid, thicker then another. How does he take care of his hair, or hygiene for that matter?

Now, since he is an imperial soldier I just assume he walks around tamriel with Imperial armor most of the time. With my character Sarrina (In-game) I had her walk around with imperial armor, at times, but instead of wearing a helmet, she wore a thief hood. Thought it look cool. Does your character wal, around in light or heavy armor? What does he prefer?

Those are things to take into account when talking about Appearance, and clothing.

In my opinion, skills are unimportant in a character Bio. It just tells you how powerful your character is, and Power doesn't make a great character. With that being said, if you are going to add his skills, explain his strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect.

Julian has a great amount of Moral, which is great in a character. He seems courageous, intelligent, and smart, and you did give me a glimpse on how he would act with others, but I find him really soft. I really think his skills, and his personality create a conflict. It makes me think of him, as a typical "hero", which isn't always good. The challenges for him, sound minor. Having him, to stay honorable, and pure... sounds dull in my opinion. Does he have a problem getting a long with the Altmer/Thalmor, since he is apart of the legion? How does he control himself, around a stormcloak?

Now going on with his backstory. It's well written, and a great read. I enjoyed reading the Backstory, but I found myself, reading something I have read before... I hate throwing the word "cliche" around... but I really have to when I read that his parents, were killed during a small Thalmor invasion, and him growing a hatred towards the thalmor. It made me sigh when I read that. Now with my last comment, it was opinion. I really don't want you to hold back on what you want your character to do, because you don't want anything to be cliche.

Now I realize this is a start, and I think this is a great one! I am definitely looking forward to seeing you update this, and I will also be looking forward to see Julian in action. Keep up the good work man :)

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Wow, thanks man, I was really confused as to how to go about appearance, and well, you cleared it all up. I thank you tremendously for that.
I will try and explain his weakness better, it is quite hard to explain in words, but i think I can make it better.
The backstory I plan on adding to quite a bit, as I had a great idea today, which you will see soon...
But anyways thanks again!
Expect quite an update.

Always true to our emperor...Whoever that happens to be.

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