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Just needed somewhere to post rule for guild event.

Started by G_Telowe
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Daggerfall Covenant
Hey everyone. I, G Telowe will be hosting a weekly duel tournament. There will be 3 classes available to enter. First is the Max Class- max cp limited class, second Prospect Class- is the under max cp limited class, and third is the Open class which anyone can enter. The first two classes will have a small entry fee and the winner will take home gold [based upon total pot amount]. The full open class is just for fun with no prizes or entry fees. I will be holding these every Saturday with rotating times of 130pm, 630pm and 1030pm all EST. I hope to see everyone come out and show their support. Ahhhwoooo!

All entry fees will be put in a tournament pot which the winner will win 45% of, second place will get 5%, 5% goes to hosting funds and supplies, and 45% goes to The Pack to help us ensure a guild trader weekly.
Once you enter a tournament you must finish it. Anyone who abandons a tournament will be banned from the following 1 tournament.
The Max class will start events followed by the Prospect class then the Open class last.
If you are on a character under level 50 you will be classed based upon your cp level when applicable.
All/any food, drinks, potions, gear, abilities, are allowed in these tournaments.
The tournaments will be refereed by me, G Telowe.
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