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K'avar Orinthal The SellSword

Started by Zotto69
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
FristName: K'avar

Surname: Orinthal


Race: Redguard

Age: 28

Occupation: SellSword

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance: In picture

Personality: Honest,Calm,logical,and sometimes naive

Backstory: Born and raised in a small town in Hammerfell, his father was a great and well know spellsword that traveled all throughout Tamerial. K'avar aspired to be like his father and became a spellsword himself and trained with his father for years.One day he decided that he would go on his own adventures, and set off to become a sellsword.

Best Memory:Training with his father back home

Worst Memory:Getting lost in the middle of the Alik'r Desert when he was 15

Skills:Sword fighting and magic that his father taught him since he was a child

Challenges for the Character: Living up to his father's legacy.

Birthsign: The Mage

Religious Views: The Nine Divines

Politics Views: k'avar believes that Tamerial is at it's best when the empire is strong, and knows that it is the role of man,being kinder and more empathic than the Elves,is to rule over and protect the people of Tamerial.

Life's Goal: To become a famous sellsword like his father before him.
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