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Kahjiit Nightblade DD: Messed up?

Started by anoukh.1989
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Hello guys!

I'm playing eso, for two weeks now. I decided to create an Kahjiit Nightblade (Damage Dealer). First I was using dual wield and a bow (maxed out Poison Arrow, Voley, Scatter Shot and Arrow Spay), but later on I tought it was better to have 2 times dual wield. I think i messed up again. I'm not doing much damage whil in dungeons, and I die very soon. What's wrong with my skills? Should I only use skills wich only consume stamina? And is it true that I only should use assasin skills instead of siphoning, assasin and shadow? (And yes I know i have to many points in health, I won't do that anymore ;) )

Below an small overview. For more details: click here

Race: Kahjiit
Class: Nightblade
Stat allocation: [9 HP / 3 MA / 18 STA]
Weapon: Dual wield

Hotbar #1: Dual Wield I
Ultimate: Incapacitating Strike
1. Shadowy Disquise
2. Soul Trap
3. Cripple
4. Ambush
5. Killer's blade

Hotbar #2: Dual Wield II
Ultimate: Soul Shred
1. Surprise attack
2. Swallow Soul
3. Maefic Wreath
4. Whirlwind
5. Rending Slashes

Notable passives:
-Slaughter I (Dual Wield)
-Robust Constitution (2/3, Kahjiit skills)
-Stealthy (2/3, Kahjiit Skills)

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