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Kajjhit's evolution

Started by Nightwing
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Can anyone explain to me how the kajjhits came to be in tamriel?

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Wow, that's a HUGE thing debatable in lore. I really don't know the specifics, so I'll keep the theories short (oh, and you might want to learn to spell "Khajiit"):

1. Much like Argonians, they were one of the original inhabitants of Tamriel, completely separate beings as other things. Simple stuff.

2. They branched off incredibly early from Aldmer naturally. There are a few times that elves left Tamriel almost completely (source is other lore-buffs arguing about this. I don't know why or the specifics behind this). Some might have been left behind and eventually turned into Khajiit before the elves returned.

3. Based off of their religion, two theories come out. In both of them they're divinely separated from Bosmer. One is that Bosmer existed first, and then Azura took some of the Bosmer and turned them into Khajiit. The second is that Bosmer and Khajiit had a common ancestor ("some forest people who were torn between man and beast"). Azura took some of them and turned them into the Khajiit and then later Y'ffre turns the remaining into Bosmer.
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Would this be better off in the Lore section?

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