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Kalheim Holds City of Heltreid
Kalheim Holds City of Heltreid

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Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Casual
Focus : Roleplay
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Guild submitted by RirodenOrkraft.
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About Kalheim Holds City of Heltreid
Main Heltreid's People Heltreids Sights
Just north of Skyrim's borders, within the Sea of Ghosts, lays the island of Kalheim/ Just lately, it has been declared an unofficial tenth hold of Skyrim by the High King of the province. At the island holds center sits the large city of Heltreid, run by Jarl Roma Lone-Breaker. Those who live inside the city walls, despite it's massive size, find themselves as close as kin. Everyone knows and respects each other and will work together in any and all situations.


Member Name - Character Name
RirodenOrkraft - Riroden Orkraft
-Jarl Roma Lone-Breaker-
[Image: JarlRomaofHeltreid.png]
: The first appointed leader of the newly built city of Heltreid within the Kalheim hold. Jarl Roma is fair and just, and is beloved by her people. She is a warrior Jarl and is skilled with greatswords and maces.

-Steward Makoff Tolhur
[Image: StewardMarkoff.png]
: The appointed steward to Jarl Roma Lone-Breaker. He is cautious but accepting of the Jarl's orders. He has a large input on the Jarl's decisions.

-Housecarl Jolene Yshemmar-
[Image: HousecarlJolene.jpg]
: Jarl Roma's housecarl and childhood friend. the two are thick as thieves and have fought many battles together. Jolene is wary of anyone who comes into The Gatway Palace and will often check their identity and motives.

-Riroden Orkraft-
[Image: RirodenOrkraft.png]
: The thane of Jarl Roma's court. He is a resident of Skyrim living outside of Riften, but serves in the most dedicated fashion.

-Calcifer Blood-Omen (deceased)-
[Image: CalciferBlood-Omen.jpg]
: A man born in the land which is now Heltreid. He was a Vampire Lord killed ages ago after declaring war on all of Tamriel. His memory remains etched in the soils of Kalheim's land.

-Hatir Grunspore-
[Image: Hatir.jpg]
: A nord man born on Skyrim's Throat of the World while his parents were traveling to train under the Greybeards. He's a fierce warrior skilled in the way of the voice. He is often sarcastic and takes little seriously at first, but loves a fight more than anyone.

-Tyrius Meratal-
[Image: Tyrius.jpg]
: An Imperial-born man from Cyrodiil who denounced his race and left for Kalheim. He lives in the wilderness outside of Heltreid in a camp with some others, but the Jarl has proclaimed him to be a citizen of the city due to his assistance in defeating a large group of invading trolls.

[Image: Gnisi.jpg]
: A mysterious woman living in Heltreid. She owns a shop of rare and mysterious weapons, and when asked, she claims to be of Daedric origins, though this has not been confirmed. Her appearance though does bring question as to her race. She rarely fights, but never loses when she does.
City of Heltreid
[Image: Heltreid.jpg]
: The large city in the Kalheim Hold. A very prosperous town with a lot of shopping, residential, and other districts that many visit. It includes the Gateway Palace, where Jarl Roma and her court live; the Forge of Souls; Calcifer Blood-Omen's crypt; and a temple dedicated to the warrior God, Ysgrammor.
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fine pictures indeed.

I wish you good luck with your guild!

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Thank you

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