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Kan Kop

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Casual
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by JacobC.
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About Kan Kop
Main Leadership Applying/Members
We were originally a guild that planned to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, but as president, I have decided to expand our horizons and move the guild to this game mainly. SWTOR didn't work out and we lost nearly the entire guild, leaving me in charge. I, myself, am a casual-moderate player, and Kan Kop's acceptance of all types of gamers is what originally drew me to it.
Kan Kop is a very RP-friendly PvP guild. However, you aren't required to only focus on PvP. Members will be glad to help with PvE, but the main guild functions will be those of PvP.
Kan Kop's message is this "We are a guild who serves you." Everyone is expected to friendly and embrace the comradeship Kan Kop used to be known for. There are no activity requirements or probation periods for new members. It is at my discretion and that of the officer corps as to who gets kicked or accepted (pretty much everyone is accepted at this point in time, as we are attempting to build a core of loyal members) or who gets promoted or demoted. We want this to be an easy guild to be part of, one that helps you enjoy the game that much more, not takes over the game from you. Kan Kop needs you!
P.S. The site is only temporary, I'll be working on a new one ASAP.
I'm JacobC and I'm the president. I have the highest authority, however, I value the opinion of every member very highly. There are currently two officer positions open. One as my second-in-command. I already have ideas of who would go there, but I'm still looking for others. The other is that of Defensive Officer. I have no one in mind yet. They keep track of members, watching out for spies from rival guilds, etc. Once we have more members, I will replace myself with a council of 5 members.
Applications to Kan Kop are as easy as saying "I want to be in the guild" and contacting me. For now. Then I will add you to the following members list.

-JacobC (president)
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