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Kaz - Stories

Started by Kazya
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Kazya - Family ties

An arrow flew through the air, impacting on its target with a soft thunk. The impact made the arrow remove the apple from the hand that held it, only to impact with the nearest tree. Surprised silence reigned in the small, slightly hidden, meadow as the two men looked at the apple now nailed on the tree. The man who had been about to take a bite of the fruit slowly turned his head towards the direction the arrow had come, his gaze settled on a person that leaned on a tree, a leatherclad leg propped up against it, giving a view of a dagger fastened on her thigh. He smiled as he took in the look of the woman, though his eyes held wariness.

Her bow losely held in one hand, the other hand calmly resting on her propped up leg. Dark leather made up most of her clothes. A cloak falling from her shoulders and the hood up, shadowing her eyes, but the lower part of her face could be seen as could a strand of her long dark hair. Her lips were drawn to an amused smile as her head seemd to tilt a little as she gazed at him, he chuckled softly before he glanced back at the apple and than back to her. His voice calm and even as he finally spoke, though it did held a bare hint of tension "Looks like you owe me a new apple my dear."

Her lips turned into a cold almost sinister smirk and he swallowed, glancing at his friend who were looking at something slightly behind him. He turned his head to follow his gaze and his eyes widened as he was greeted with the sight of a dark wolf barely visible in the shadows of a tree, white fangs bared in a silent growl. The mans gaze snapped back to the woman as her voice cut through the silence as cold steel "I owe you nothing Mikar, son of Daryn, unfaithful husband of Lianne." The man, now identified as Mikar, narrowed his eyes and glanced at his friend who was observing the woman with a wary look, which also held something akin to recognition. Mikar looked back at the woman as she spoke again. "Stay away from the widow Rosalyn or your dirty affairs will be hanged out for all to learn, including your wife. I am sure sure she will find it interesting to know that you have a child with her sister."

Mikar stared at the woman, his face paling as he heard what she said. He couldn't understand how someone had found out, he knew it would his downfall if his affairs were found out. He grimaced and glared at the woman, knowing that he would have to agree. "Fine, I stay away from the old woman. Why would you care though? You're not from here." It was his friends voice that answered him though and as the softspoken words left his friends lips the woman turned and walked away. "She is Kazya, daughter of Rosalyns late husband."

Sun was setting and the lights in the house gave a warm and welcome feeling to those that saw it. The slightly overgrown garden were mostly hidden in the shadows, until the door opened and the lamp inside shared some light on it. Two people walked away from the house, the woman murmuring to the man who shook his head and responded to her in hushed tones. Neither of the two noticed the person that hid in the shadow of a tree nearby the house nor did they notice the gaze that followed them until they were out of sight. The shadow moved slightly, repositioning against the tree before a low sigh escaped.

Satisfied that the one in the house seemed to be safe the watcher moved, the soft light of the crescent moon showing a woman dressed in mostly leather. A few more steps and the woman were gone from sight, her steps taking her back into the wild, a bittersweet smile on her lips as memories from her childhood flew through her mind. Kaz knew that Rosalyn would blow a casket if she ever found out that Kaz frequently took the time to check up her, Kaz shook her head and took a deep breath. She knew that she had no obligations to check up on the old bitter woman but she still did it for two reasons. Mostly because she felt she owed it to Arias memory, even if the old woman blamed her for Arias death Kaz still felt the need to try to keep Rosalyn safe. The other reason were because it was her childhood home, she had been happy here and had many nice memories from this house.

In the house an old woman slept peacefully, never once knowing that the daughter of her late husband had once again checked up on her. The same daughter that the old woman herself had grown to hate. Rosalyn never seemed to realize that she did not need to pay for the frequent visits from the village healer, nor did she realize that the only reason she was still living in the house was because the rightful owner had decided to not force her to leave.

Kazya - Wanderer

Linen rustled slightly in the silence of the room as one of the two figures in the bed awoke, the sun rising and spreading its warmth through the window. Blankets were carelessly pushed aside as the figure sat up, running a hand through a mane of wild hair while letting out a small yawn. The woman stretched a little before standing up, she walked over to the bowl with fresh clean water and splashed some on her face before she proceeded to comb out the long hair. Her skin was tanned and mostly smooth, except for a few scars that stood out. Three white lines over her back, old and faded but still clearly visible. A jagged scar from the back of her shoulder that led to her upper arm was the other scar that clearly stood out, this too was faded indicating it was an old wound. Her gaze went to her clothes that was scattered over the room and she let a smile curve her lips, a glance at the bed and amusement touched her eyes. She collected her clothes and started to dress, as she was in the process of fastening her armguards a sleepy voice broke the silence "Leaving already?" her gaze went to the man who now was watching her, she walked to the bed and sat on it. "I told you I would leave at sunrise." She leaned forward and kissed the man before whispering "I had a nice time, thank you."

All he could do was to watch her walk out of the door and he groaned as he laid back on the bed again, his eyes closed as he chuckled. He had not expected anything to continue between them as they both had made it clear it was only a one time affair, however he also had not expected that she would be the one to leave the room first. It was a new experience for him and he couldn't help but feel a bit strange, he laughed outright as he realised his pride had taken a beating when she left. His laughter also awoke him properly and he got up from bed to start his day, memories of the night lingering in his mind.

A black wolf pounced on the unsuspecting prey, making himself and his prey land hard on the ground. A soft curse coupled with amused laughter made the wolf rumble in happiness, when gentle hands came up to caress his ears he relaxed and made himself comfortable upon the woman. He laid there until she gently but firmly pushed him off and got up on her feet again, the wolf played around a little before taking off with one of the small bags. The woman following the wolf with a more sedated pace, soon reaching the small meadow where the wolf and most of her pack had been waiting. She made a fire and took back the bag from the wolf, the wolf laid down next to her and was soon joined by a ferret who climbed into the lap of the woman.

A cup of tea was held in her hands as she enjoyed the quiet moment, remains of the breakfast she shared with her two companions was being nicked away by birds who had the courage to get close enough. She drained the tea and packed the last things, the ferret were put on her shoulder where he immediately went to the hood and curled up. She left the small meadow with nothing but a burnt down campfire to give proof of her presence.
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Gentle drops from a cloudy sky, giving life to the dry earth.

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These pieces certainly characterize Kaz very well. She watches over someone and cares for them, even if they do not know it and express only scorn to her. She expressed a bit of playfulness and tenderness, but ultimately continues on her road alone (though with her wolf and ferret at her side!)

It has a melancholy feel to it all. A bit of nobility too.

Thanks for sharing these stories, Kazya!

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