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Kazahil Arantar

Started by Ayleid
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
SURNAME: Arantar
RACE: Altmer/Ayleid
DOB: 21st of Sun's Dusk, 496 of 2E
OCCUPATION: Templar of Auri-El
FACTION: Aldmeri Dominion

APPEARANCE: Kazahil is shorter than most of his kin but he's also large and broadshouldered, his skin is darker than the pale golden hue known among the altmer, he has short dark brown hair and a van dyke beard he has a scar across his face given to him by his armsmaster when he messed up a parry, a mistake he would never make again. Kazahil wears a heavy set of ancient elven armor, he also carries three weapons, a longsword hangs at his left hip a dagger at his right and finally slung across his back is a flame enchanted greatsword he named, Ayleid's Glory.

PERSONALITY: Kazahil is known to be impatient and ill-tempered with those he doesn't know, but to his friends he's a loyal and trustworthy friend and ally. During combat he seems condecending and arrogant towards foes he does this so his enemies look at him like a typical racist altmer though in his mind he's studying their every move watching and waiting for them to make a wrong move and when they do they fall...the perfect predator.

BACKGROUND: Kazahil was born in Vulkhel guard, Auridon, the second largest island within the Sumurset Isles, to an altmer noble Lord Tyros Turanim and a decendant of the ayleid king of Lindai, Rebai Arantar. His childhood was spent learning both altmeri and ayleid cultures his uncle trained him in swordsmanship until the day he left home to become a templar of Auri-El when he turned 18. These were the best and hardest days of his life from the day he joined he was mentally broken down and stripped of his arrogance so that when he was reborn as a servant of Auri-El he wouldn't be condecending like most of his people.

During his time working for the temple he recieved news that his father Lord Turanim was assassinated by an altmer radical group who believed the bloodlines of the altmer needed to stay strictly between altmer and so all who had any ancestry other than altmeri needed to be exterminated so their "vile" bloodline couldn't be spread. The priests at his temple tried to make him stay there until the assassins were taken care of but he insisted on returning home to confront the threat that no doubt awaited him. When he entered his house he was greeted by four black clad assassins, for the murder of his father he killed each of them and left their corpses to be found the following morning.

BEST MEMORY: The day he graduated and became a full-fledged templar of Auri-El.

WORST MEMORY: The day his father was assassinated.

SKILLS: Kazahil is equally adept at the use of the greatsword and dual wielding sword and dagger he also is a talented blacksmith and enchanter.

CHALLENGES: Kazahil wishes for the revival of the Ayleid civilization and to do this he needs people who share in ayleid ancestry and he also must ensure the Dominion wins the war.

BIRTHSIGN: The Atronach

RELIGIOUS BELIEFS: Kazahil is a devout follower of Auri-El, he also has a profound respect for Meridia.

POLITICAL BELIEFS: Kazahil doesn't care much for politics but he knows he will need a good understanding and usage of politics if he is to realize his dream of the ayleid revival.
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