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Started by KerChing001
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[/align]Firstname - Horbi
Surname - Atomo
title - wereboar
Sex - Male
Race - Dunmer
Age - 27
Occupation - fur trapper
Faction - Loose connection it the ebonheart pact
Appearance - Well combed hair with no facial hair, light skinny build. burn scar covers the left arm. Wears sheep leather armor. Has a tattoo of mora's eye on the back of the neck.
Personality - Borderline feral
Social Background/Backstory - born in highrock in the dunmer wereboar clan alkalah. After hunters of werebeast killed most of the clan he was forced to find refuge elsewhere, journeyed to skyrim and found the fellowship of hermaeus mora and began worshiping him. He was gifted a black book for he years of dedication and soon founded the hidden knowledge of finding nourishment from ash so he ventures to Morrowind and finds a island off the coast no bigger then 40 feet across all ways and built a small steading and and a shrine to mora but now he ventures out to share the gift of mora and regrow is clan
Best Memory - The brotherhood of the clan
Worst Memory - The murder of my clan
Skills - Skilled trapper
Challenges for the Character - Can only hold breath for 20 seconds
Birthsign - The Tower
Religious Views - Worshipper of hermaeus mora
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