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Khajiit Lore Book Project

Started by OrchidRunethiel
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Greetings all!

My name is Orchid and I am working on designing a Lore book of sorts in real life that is centered completely around the Khajiit of Elder Scrolls Online. I say the Hero's Guide collection as well as the Land & Lore books but I want something more specific while remaining special and authentic.

Though I play a Bosmer in the game, to me the Khajiit are by far the most interesting race within Tamriel. I have started my list of topics I would like to discuss, but I was wondering if there were any players that have an opinion about what you would like to see in a collector's book of this nature?

By the way book will be completely hand-made: paper aged by hand, hand-stitched binding, content gatheresd and arranged by yours truly, ect. If all goes well, I will create more books for other Races.

Let me know your suggestions/what topics you'd like to see in this type of item (possibly what I may be missing)?

So far I have:
Disclaimer (about sources, eso w/ patch date, copyright, edition?)
Handmade Dedication Statement (signed in calligraphy ink or stamp; Khajiit lingo?)
About Khajiit Race (general + personality)
Khajiit Physical Characteristics & Anatomy/Biology (include passive traits?)
Types of Khajiit (all types & moons’ info/cycles)
Brief about Senche comparisons/care as pets/mounts (asterisk about change in lore?)
History of Khajiit in Tamriel
Geography (Elswyr and lesser lands migrated to)
Khajiit Language/Vocabulary (commonly used words/phrases); Names (no prefix or suffixes from lore book)
Khajiit Family Structure
Khajiit Diet: Moon Sugar/Skooma (botany/chemistry)
Khajiit Homes/Furnishings
Khajiit Clothing/Armor/Weapons (motif?)
Notable Figures/Quotes
Belief: Favored Gods/Temple of [the Crescent Moons OR Two-Moons Dance]
Khajiit Lore Books

Thoughts to Include?
Khajiit Seal or Banner
Language Script
View of Dogs
Khajiit Music/Dance/Art
Khajiit Games

Thanks in advance!
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