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Khajiit With Argonian Names

Started by Mukmoo
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In ESO, I've seen Khajiit (NPC)such as Climbs-Trees and Metal-Claws, But I've found no trace of these kind of names on uesp, so am I missing something, or is Zenimax, or maybe these are just nicknames or something.

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I believe that its just the cyrodilic translation of the Khajiit name.
Might be wrong.

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I would assume those are nicknames, but there's definitely the chance that it's a translation like @Avidus said. As you pointed out, those are not traditional Khajiiti names. While Argonian names are indeed translated from their native language to Cyrodilic a very large portion of the time, that's possible because many of their names are based off of actual nouns and verbs and such. In many languages (such as English), names aren't verbs and nouns (for the most part). There are definitely some people named Hope and Faith, but for the most part there are names like David, Robert and Susanna that don't have an actual meaning in English. I'm pretty sure Khajiiti naming generally goes by this guideline since in previous games we didn't really see a single translated name (that I'm aware of right now).

This is either a translated name from the possibility of a name using actual words, or it's just a nickname. Unless you get more insight from another NPC that has a name like this, it can be ruled either way.

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