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Khallar gro-Ogar

Started by Epicface
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact
Race - Orsimer (Orc)
Firstname - Khallar
Surname - gro-Ogar
Sex - Male
Age - Adult
Occupation - Wanderer, Blade for hire, Mercenary, Soldier.
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant, Warriors Guild.
Appearance - Tough looking. Dark green skin, only a bit of fuzz for hair. He's tall and muscular, but also fairly agile. He doesn't often appear mad, or sad, or having any emotions, but of course he does. His pupils are deep blue, almost black, and if you look deep enough, you could almost tell the amount of mercy he has just by looking in them. None.
Personality - Calm normally, calmer still in battle. He is adept at fighting, being in a few wars. His soldier sense is dominant, though occasionally his instincts kick in. When he gets mad, it's hard for him to stop until what makes him mad goes away... one way or another. To his friends, he is loyal and guards with his life. To his enemies... well, he treats them with respect. The respect a dead body gets, as that's usually what they already are. To everyone else, he is neutral to, usually remaining silent.
Social Background/Backstory - -Under Construction-
Best Memory - Forging his first greatsword, cleaving the head of a battle dummy off.
Worst Memory - Being out in the harsh mountains, alone, of Orsinium.
Skills - He is masterful with the Greatsword and Battleaxe, good at smithing his weapons and armor. He is also used to using the heavy armor, it almost feels like a second skin to him. Very militant, it is a second nature to him to scan his surroundings, looking for possible hostiles, exits, and entrances. He also uses the momentum of his swings to his advantage, which often catches his opponents off-guard by how quickly he can spin and swing across the battlefield.
Challenges for the Character - He needs to stay disciplined, but it's hard to do so with all the dislike for the Orsimer. They often get in his field of vision while he is observing the lay of the land, finding escape routes and searching to see how many strangers could be of danger. Of course, he simply needs to remove the obstacle...
Birthsign - The Warrior
Religious Views - Malacath, obviously. The Father of the Orsimer.
Politics Views - As the war is starting, his skills finally become of use, aside from being a Mercenary or a Bodyguard. Finally, he can be a soldier again.
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