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Kingdom of Lions Gate Initiative (EU) (Casual-Hardcore) (TRADE) (PvE) (PvP)

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Huxow.
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About Kingdom of Lions Gate Initiative (EU) (Casual-Hardcore) (TRADE) (PvE) (PvP)
Not much too say were looking mature members or people who can act accordingly.

Our focus is on the european server!!! PvP,PvE,Guildshop/Trade,RP, and as always this is for the most part for HARDCORE gamers but we dont mind at all more casual players wanting to join.

Provide an Great Community

KoLGI serves first and foremost as a home for all friendly players interested in exploring ESO together. We aim to provide a mature, relaxed and proactive community where you can game with like minded people. The Guild will always function via majority democracy and we value our member's ideas and opinions in all areas.

Masters in the Art of PvE & PvP

We want to help you delve into every dungeon, discover every secret, and acquire the rarest treasures of Tamriel. We want to explore, and aquire all skyshards, analyse and share with you the infinite possibilities of builds within our forums and the use OUR guildshop should make it a lot easier for you to do so.We will do our best to help support you via Guild resources, infrastructure and opportunities in pursuit of this aim.

Enjoy Yourselves

Most of all we want our members to savor the experience of playing ESO in good company. It's our goal to provide relaxed yet organized gameplay which always tips the hand in your favor. We also aim to provide regular events, raids and dungeons.

Our current webpage is :
Please feel free to register and join us we don't bite :)

Our teamspeak3 server is called Kingdom of Lions Gate Initiative you can search for the name or find it here:
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Kingdom of Lions Gate Initiative (EU) (Casual-Hardcore) (TRADE) (PvE) (PvP) Comments
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Bump new guild name + TS3 server is up + a more welcoming information about the guild in general.

Apply now!
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