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Knights of the blood bob's
Knights of the blood bob's

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by TheMightyBoB.
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About Knights of the blood bob's
Main Content
We are the knights blood. We fight to claim tamriel. We fought when there was no one to fight. We answered tamriels call for help. We did what others could not. After the Sack of Windhelm and death of Skyrim's royal family, the Akaviri began marching south towards Riften. In desperation and grief, the last remaining member of the royal family, Jorunn, approached the Greybeards for guidance. The Greybeards answered his plea and summoned Wulfharth the Ash-King from Sovngarde to aid him. Inspired by Wulfharth's presence, Jorunn's army of Nord warriors were ready to face the Akaviri.

Seeing the Nords as a growing threat prompted the Akaviri to avoid an encounter and head straight for Morrowind, hoping that the Nords would ignore them. The Nords, however, forcibly pushed the Akaviri army, catching them in a pincer attack between the Dunmer and the Argonians who had joined the battle for reasons not yet explained by Bethesda. Victory over the Akaviri forces in this battle played a crucial role later in the forging of the alliance.[OOG 2]

Following the Akaviri's defeat, the Nords, Dunmer and Argonians formed the Great Moot. They fought as one, repelling the invasion of the Akaviri slavemasters.

The Ebonheart Pact controls the largest area on the mainland of Tamriel.
There is nothing else to say but. We deserve to be the true rulers of tamriel.
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Knights of the blood bob's Comments
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
I was enquiring whether you want to combine our 2 guilds to make one guild mine is the knights of dagora and you would have a very high position in general and be involved in all decisions
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