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Knights of The Nine Order
Knights of The Nine Order

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Unoshi.
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About Knights of The Nine Order
After years of searching he finally found Uriel at some old chapel. He told him everything from the very first beginning and what he intended to do. So he ordered every soldier of The Nines to gather at a secret meeting only they knew off. With Uriel by his side Unoshi knew he would prevail and that the Order would once again be rebuild. On the night of the meeting, they gathered around the destroyed palace that was stood as a beacon of hope for the citizens of Skyrim and all around them who believed in their cause. As the men and women gathered around to see what this were all about Unoshi prepared his speech and Uriel stood beside him. Unoshi noticed their wasn’t much left of the Order. Many members died that night. Over a hundred soldiers perished. A sum of thirty or so seem to have made it out alive.

“Men and women, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. We stand here today because I asked you to. Who am I, many of you may not remember me as I were only a boy when that tragedy happened” Eyes spread wide open, it seems that they did remember him. Even whispers went among them if that really could be him. “Yes, it is I. The son of Jenobi Snowmane. It is I, Unoshi Snowmane and I have a message from my father. Yes I do know that he died that night but he hasn’t left us at all. I saw him in a dream, and he spoke. Yes he did spoke to me and he said to me, my son it is time for you to stand up and take what is rightfully ours, what is rightfully yours. For you are a Snowmane and for it is your duty to preserve the memories of our ancestors and brothers and sisters. It is time to rebuild the Order and once more stand as a beacon of hope for all who could see. It is time to once more stand as message of retribution for all who would fear the might of the light. The might of The Nines. The Might of the Servants of the light. It is time to rally up your brothers and sisters and once more fight side by side, at once more be the vanquishers of all evil. So I stand before all of you tonight my brothers and sisters and asked you, no I plead to you. Would you do me, my father, our brothers and sisters who had fallen, the honor to become what we once were? No I correct myself, would you do us the honor to become even better then we once were?
A moment of silence felt then he continued.
“In time even the brightest fire will fade. IT IS OUR DUTY TO IGNITE THE FIRES OF HOPE AGAIN” People started cheering and chanting his name “Unoshi Snowmane”
“It is our duty to bring vengeance to our fallen brothers and sisters, It is time to bring once again justice to the evil that roam out there. It is time to once more be that Order. Are you with me brothers and sisters”
And all who showed up and cheered as they knew from this day forward nothing would stop them from becoming the Order once more. “I hereby rename our Order to the Knights of the Nine Order, for we will preserve that what the first nine followers of the light started. Their goal will be ours to complete.”
“For the Knights of the Nine Order, For Unoshi Snowmane”
And it was this day that the Order was reestablished with Uriel as his right hand and acting General just as he was back then with Unoshi’s father.

The Order of the Knights of the Nine Order hereby recruits you into the guild and fight all who oppose us and to make sure that the Ebonheart pack gets the victory they need and secure the throne once and for all

Hi and welcome. What you just read was the final part of the lore from my guild. If you wish to read more please read the guild guide lines in the other tabs once they are up.

The guild will mainly focus on PVP, Crafting and Pve. Everything has already been set up. Only thing for you to do is join the Order and spread fear among they enemies and hope amongs your allies.

The rest of the guild structure will be in the additional tab once the information has been posted. For now i welcome you
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