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Knights of the Northern Alliance (PC/Mac, US Est)

Started by kaliano
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
[Image: GuildBanner_zpsf457fdf5.jpg]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact

Guild Focus’ : family friendly, social, PvE/PvP/Raiding (casual and hardcore), crafting

Primary Location: US EAST ( we accept all players regardless)

VOIP: Ventrilo (to come after launch)
*Mic is not required but recommended for raids and dungeons.

Platform: pc / mac

Primary language: English

Mission statement

Knights of the Northern Alliance is a new family-friendly guild which will progress through game content and is capable of seeing all content within the game without sacrificing real life obligations.

All too often in an MMO, people have to choose whether to play the game casually or ‘hardcore”. Those that play casually often find themselves sitting on the sidelines while the players with more time to commit to the game are always chosen to participate in guild events. It is our belief that there can be a balance. With proper planning and recruiting, we can accommodate both casual and hardcore players. It may take some time, but it is our goal to make our guild an enjoyable community for all.

Knights of the Northern Alliance holds it’s standard higher than the general public. We are a guild filled with families and must always keep in mind that there are people on the other end of those characters. Being respectful to our members is vital to our members’ loyalty. It is our goal that our members be known by other players as courteous and among the best group members around.

For info or if you wish to apply, please visit our guild website. If you have further questions about our guild before you wish to apply, feel free to ask by posting below.

We are currently accepting applications from all classes and roles.

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