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Kolbjorn Strong-Shield

Started by Kolbjorn the God King
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Name: Kolbjorn Strong-Shield son of Halof Strong-Shield son of Valund Strong Shield.



Date of Birth: 2E 554, 29th of Sun's Height

Birth Sign: the Apprentice

Occupation: Loyal warrior to the Bormah of the Bromlokiir

Appearance: Very tall even for a Nord and very muscular. Long blonde hair that comes past his shoulder's a bit. He has light blue eyes that show signs of a hard life but undying loyalty to any who demand it. Scars of different sizes are found across his body.

Armor and weapons: Kolbjorn has the best heavy armor money can buy. He carries two shields but one is only meant for use. The one he uses was made in his fathers StrongShield forge were his family name comes from. The other shield is in pieces and is held together on his back by ropes. His sword is very old but is still in good condition. The sword was the last to come from his ancestors forge before it was used to only make shields. He carries a bow that he only uses for hunting along with a dagger for the same reason.

Background: Kolbjorn was born near Windhelm but his family moved along with a small group of Nords all experts in their trades to find a land that had been rumored about. The island where Kolbjorn would spend the first 10 years of his life was Solstheim. His family had been known for their smithing mostly shields for people in Windhelm.The family name was Strong-Shield but the forge didn't get its name until later. His grandfather set up the forge but died soon after. Kolbjorn's father used the forge until he was injured and only had the strength to make a small number of shields (this is when the forge got its name StrongShield). Kolbjorn's mother died early in his life from a disease. Life was hard on Solsthiem the group who came here was small and only grew smaller. At the age on ten he lost his father during a fishing trip when a bad storm came out of nowhere and threw the boat over. While being close to the shore his fathers injuries kept him from surviving. Few members of the community are left and after the storm hit the island the remaining members decided to go back to Skyrim. A woman known as Vori Farseer took Kolbjorn in and provided for him when they got to Skyrim. They settled west of Riften and Kolbjorn spent time hunting. During his teen years Kolbjorn heard of a honored Nord clan known as the Bromlokiir. He knew that they had been disbanded for years but he trained in hopes that one day the clan would be once more. He knew they would be a way to reach his goal. Vori died when he was twenty and Kolbjorn began his adventuring. He would be 28 when he finds the Bromlokiir.

Current Goals: Kolbjorn just joined the Bromlokiir. He plans to aid the clan until the day when the clan has regained its full glory and he can return back to Solstheim and remake the StrongShield forge. Also the shield he carries was the last to be made from the StrongShield forge. It was meant to be a offering to Kyne before Kolbjorns father passed away. Kolbjorn took it in honor of his father and planned to offer it but during his life it was broken. Kolbjorn plans on restoring the shield in the re built StrongShield forge.

Sorry for this being a long bio.
Do you think that Kolbjorn should complete his goal of restoring the forge or should something else happen that keeps him from it?
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Zeymah Of The Bromlokiir.Voth Ahkrin!
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Beor of Skyrim
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Best to leave these kind of things open till the "end".

Answer to your question.

Clan leader of The Bromlokiir

Voth Ahkrin!
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