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Kraldar the Slayer

Started by Rethas Othirus
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((Disclaimer: I'm looking up names and slapping them wherever they fit. If the names I pick match an actual character in one of the TES lore games, please let me know so I can move things around. If I fudge any other facts, please correct me as I'm making this character off the top of my head. (:

Again, an image will be placed here when I can find one that suits him.))

Name: Kraldar Wave-Breaker

Title: The Slayer

Race: Nord

Age: 26, born 29 Last Seed, 2E??? (Birthsign: Warrior)

Origin: Dragonbridge Village

Occupation: Soldier

Relatives: Mother, Vori Wave-Breaker, and Father, Odar Wave-Breaker; live in Solitude. Wife, Abelone Blackthorne Wave-Breaker, and daughter, Svana Wave-Breaker; deceased.

Descripiton: Big and tall, as any true Nord should be. His hair is fair, though short and thin, and his beard is but a stubble. His eyes, sky blue but greying, reflect the trouble in his mind. He speaks honest and true, and would expect anyone in his company to do the same.

Religious Views: Worships the Nine equally. Yes, that includes Talos.

Political Views: He's got bigger problems.

Background: Untill Vori and Odar struck it rich and lived the easy life in Solitude, Kraldar's lot was the son of a farmer. Though by the time that happened, he had already gone out on his own. Until then, though, life was boring and mundane.

Kraldar never had any problems with the other kids growing up, as he was either too friendly or too fearless to make any enemies. As he got older, though, his parents found that his friends had a knack for getting him into trouble, and though they favored blaming his male friends, there was this one girl that made him feel like he could do anything, whether or not he got away with it. That girl was Abelone Blackthorne.

It was a warm Hearthfire afternoon, the day that Kaldar learned how Abelone felt about him, and even though he wasn't quite a man yet, he promised to make an honest woman out of her. His parents hadn't quite struck it rich yet, though even if he had, he had by then learned that he was better off making money on his own. And he'd need it to pay for a wedding. But farming wasn't the path to quick riches, and he knew that. So, since Dragon Bridge was such a quiet town, Kaldar did the one thing he could think of that was guaranteed to pay for his wedding.

He joined the Legion.

The life of a soldier was harder than Kadlar had expected, but he didn't complain, or get discouraged. It wasn't long before his prowess in battle earned him the moniker of the Slayer from his brothers in the Legion. Eventually, he was granted leave, and he used that time well - marrying Abelone, buying a house for the two of them to live in, and siring their daughter... though he was unaware of that part when he was recalled.

Unfortunately, by the time he had gotten back, the Dragonfires had already grown cold. With the Legion crumbling at his feet, and his one means of supporting his family falling with it, Kadlar questioned his honor as he saw a few Legionnaires get cut down mere feet from where he stood. Abelone's face flashed before his eyes, and he had his answer.

But for the second time in his life, he was too late.

Kadlar returned to a Dragon Bridge in shatters, rent from the very earth from a Daedra attack a few days before. Kadlar rushed through the rubble to the house he built with his own hands and crashed through the door. It wasn't long before he found Abelone, lying halfway on her bed with a hole in her stomach the size of his fist. In her hand was a letter she had just finished writing, addressed to him. This was how he learned of his unborn daughter, Svana. Abelone's letter drew on about the joys of motherhood and her life in the small village alone, without him. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he found himsellf unable to read further.

Putting the letter away in his pocket, his eyes swirled upon the husk of the house he built, and the debris of the village outside. Everything he had worked for up to now was gone, devoured by some unknown* entity. With nothing left for him in Dragon Bridge, Kadlar did the one thing he could think of to take his mind off the pain.

He joined the Ebonheart Pact.

Skills: Kadlar likes heavy axes and heavy armor, and he knows how to use them both. He -can- use a bow when his axe fails him, but he rarely uses it, seeing it as a cowardly weapon. He's taken a shine to the forge, but has no education and little skill in it.

*The reason Kraldar doesn't know who's responsibe for the death of his wife and unborn daughter is because he knows absolutely nothing about the Daedra. Hint, hint.
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A strong arm to slay the weak.

An iron heart that knows no fear.

And a foul mouth to boast about it!

Such are the virtues of the pact!


All hail Vehk and his Buoyant Armigers!
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