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Started by ThePremier
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Firstname - Krigar
Surname - Dawnhammer
Title - High Knight
Origin - Windhelm, Skyrim
Sex - Male
Age - 39
Occupation - Knight, soldier for the Pact, adventurer
Faction - Ebonheart Pact
Appearance - His constitution is notable even for the Nords' standards. Long blonde hair and blue eyes.
Personality - Loyal and honorable. He is proud of his Nord origins. He was usually seen taking the defense of those who cannot defend themselves.
Social Background/Backstory - He was born in Windhelm in 2E 256 as the first son of a noble family. His father was part of the Bromlokiir. He has a younger sister, Aria. He was only 16 during the sack of Windhelm, but he fought the Akaviri with a small pack of comrades, gaining time for Jorunn to arrive. He was able to save his family and put them on a caravan to Bruma. Windhelm was lost, but he retreated to Riften with Jorunn. He was on the first line of the Nord warriors who crashed the Akaviri's lines during the battle of Mournhold, and he was present during the coronation of Jorunn, and his family returned to Windhelm, except his sister, who stayed in Bruma.After the beginning of the war, his sister was held captive by the Imperial forces in Bruma. He then joined the disbanded Bromlokiir, eager to fight for Skyrim and the Pact, to save his sister and her family.
Best Memory - The great victory of Mournhold.
Worst Memory - The sack of Windhelm.
Skills - Two-handed, One-handed, Shield, Heavy armor.
Challenges for the Character - Keeping Skyrim safe from the invasion from the Dominion and the Covenenant; leading the offensive on Bruma and saving his sister.
Birthsign - Warrior
Religious Views - A worshipper of the Divines, views with suspect Daedras and their worshippers.
Politics Views - A follower of Jorunn the Skald King and a faithful warrior of the pact.
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