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Krow Red-Eye

Started by Solduiran Long-Finger
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Firstname - Krow

Surname - Red-Eye
*note neither name is one of his given names. Krow was a nick name given to him by his two brothers because he was the only one to have jet black hair in an all fair-haired family. It was originally meant as an insult but it stuck. Red-Eye was what he was called by those who had the misfortune to fight with him. His left eye is a magically enhanced eye with a red iris.

Sex - Male

Race - Nord

Age - 19

Occupation - Thief, Assassin, Mercenary

Faction - Whom ever pays the best. Other than that he serves no one.

Appearance - Tall like many Nords. Pale skin with Green eyes. He wears black clothing almost from head to foot. His face is rarely seen as it is hidden by a black head band with steel plates on it. One has a skull engraving on it. His nose is a little big and sort of looks like a beak.

Personality - Quiet, and thoughtful. Though he is very quick to anger and lash out. Seen to be self-centered but is more self-preserving than anything else. Often thought to be greedy but doesn't see himself as such. Fears that which he does not understand. This fear comes across as being hateful and racist.

Social Background/Backstory - The youngest of three boys born to a well to do family in Solitude. His parents, both still alive, loved him very much. This sit well with his twin older brothers, Vjork and Graz. They beat him frequently and blamed him for things he didn't do. His parents often had to believe the older boys and would punish him. His family could buy anything they wanted so he got anything he asked for. While being punished those things were the only things that kept him happy. Eventually he grew tired of asking and receiving and began to stealing from shops and merchants. One day he was caught and jailed. It was here that he met a High Elf named Arendrel. Arendrel pitied the boy and taught him a few spells to help him escape. He would escape eventually and make his way to Rifton where he would meet a young information broker named Solduiran Long-Finger. After Solduiran helped him escape the Rifton Guard, Krow and Solduiran forged an unlikely friendship. The two were polar opposites. Solduiran social, talkative, and friendly starkly contrasted with Krow. The two worked together working together well for a year and a half. Krow started to ask for more money for the jobs Solduiran would send him on. Krow was caught one night and jailed. Solduiran paid for his friends bail with the wages that were given for the job. This angered Krow to no end and he attacked his friend when they reached their hideout in the Rifton Ratways. Some how Solduiran was able to take away the dagger in Krow's hand and use it against him. Krow was blinded in the eye. He swore to make Solduiran pay for what he did. Bleeding he collapsed in the woods not to far from Rifton. When he had woken up he was in bandages and surrounded by Necromancers. They given him back his left but enhanced it as well. He swore to help the Necromancers any way he could. After a month he would discover that it was sect of the Worm Cult. It didn't change anything however and still served anyway he could. Eventually after a few months he would grow bored and start taking other kinds of jobs. He now operates independently.

Best Memory - Finding a friend in a then 18 year old Solduiran Long-Finger

Worst Memory - The pain of loosing his left eye at the hands of his friend. The betrayal he swore to repay someday.

Skills - He is extremely stealthy. brilliant in hand-to-hand combat. Uses a bit of Illusion magic. Likes to play with daggers and knives. Enjoys using poisons and
potions. Skilled in Lockpicking, Pickpocket, And Alchemy. Has enjoyed success in Alteration as well but is still learning.

Challenges for the Character - because of how he was treated by his brothers growing up he doesn't like people much. Trusting is a problem a for him. Is rather hostile to those he doesn't know, though has a weak spot for pretty girls. Stays away from social situations. This prevents a lot of interacting that he wishes he would make.

Birthsign - Born under the Sign of the Shadow.

Religious Views - Has very little faith. Worships money and material things as they have been the only thing to comfort him.

For the Vlos Hithern!
Solduiran "Seeker" Long-Finger - a Nord Rogue
Fjor Snow-Side - a young Nordic Templar
Mitchell Dunmear - A Breton Dragon Knight

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