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Started by dragonhuntress
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vvv Yes, I know this isn't an in-game picture... but since my character is kind of modeled after me, I'm using one of my pictures with some photoshopped armor. haha :P

[Image: attachment.php?aid=37]

Work in progress.... I'm still trying to figure out a last name... any suggestions?

Name: Kyrsti

Race: Nord

Age: 22

Birthplace: Whiterun

Birth-sign: The Warrior

Occupation: Huntress, Warrior

Relatives: Her father Jorleif and her mother Drifa

Brief description of appearance: Kyrsti is average height with golden-brown hair and mesmerizing gray eyes beneath dark arched brows. She keeps the front portion of her hair tied back in braids, while the rest of it falls down in graceful waves over her shoulders. Though she has a certain delicate look about her, she possesses quite a lean muscular figure. Much of Kyrsti is often hidden under heavy armor, however.

Religious Point of View: Kyrsti is skeptical of the worship of gods, though she is intrigued by and drawn to the daedra and their power.

Political Point of View: Kyrsti despises the thought of any mortal being having higher power over other mortal beings. She spends much of her time alone and away from the politics of cities. When it comes to the other races of Tamriel, Kyrsti does not discriminate. She feels that all beings have their strengths and weaknesses and does not see any race as inferior to another.

Loves: A sharp blade and a set of heavy armor, physical and emotional strength in herself and others, the rush she gets from defeating a worthy opponent, and unfortunately, the only weakness that can tear through her otherwise unbreakable strength: men.

Hates: The weak and lazy, frostbite spiders, those who rely on alcohol and skooma to ease their pain, those who prefer magic to a weapon.

Kyrsti was born to Jorleif the town drunk and Drifa the dressmaker, a struggling couple on the verge of impoverishment. She was a sickly child and spent most of her young life bed-ridden. Although she was rid of her ailments by her teen years, her mother still tended to her as though she were a delicate flower and dressed and groomed her like a living doll. Kyrsti grew to be a beautiful young woman, and became the object of affection for many young men in Whiterun. Her mother arranged a marriage with the wealthiest man in town, a Battle-Born.
Kyrsti hated the life she lived. Inside her was a longing for something more. She began to meet in secret with the Companions of Whiterun. There, she learned to fight clad in armor with a sword in hand. This was what she wanted. She relished the feeling of building strength and hungered for power.
Her life would change forever when she accepted a task from the Companions that required her to kill a dangerous wanted criminal on the outskirts of Whiterun. Her encounter with the man brought no one’s death, but rather, an unexpected love affair. Upon learning of this, the Companions denied Kyrsti her place in the guild. Kyrsti had brought shame to her family as well as to her betrothed and the Battle-Borns. Kyrsti traded in her mother’s dresses and jewelry for a set of heavy armor and a sword she’d forged and left Whiterun to begin a journey to pursue strength and power and discover her true potential as a warrior.

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