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Lahvu Stin: Dovahmuz, Vulfahliile, Odmuz
Lahvu Stin: Dovahmuz, Vulfahliile, Odmuz

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP, Roleplay
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Zrachen.
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About Lahvu Stin: Dovahmuz, Vulfahliile, Odmuz
Main Member Requirements Current Members
This is a free army (lahvu stin) uniting two of the greatest races in all of Tamriel (plus the Nords). It's main aim is the establishment of a coalition of the most powerful warriors of the Northern Snows, the most adept mages of the Eastern Ashes, and the most skilled assassins and thieves of the Southern Marsh. Each member of this guild should have the capacity to become emperor; only the elite can survive here. Each member must be cunning, but careful; skilled, but modest; intelligent, but limiting; valiant, but humble. The other alliances will no doubt spread their best and brightest throughout their guilds to lead individually, but we of the Ebonheart Pact's Lahvu Stin know that with our prime in one guild, we can lead the other guilds as a group. The others fight and lead individually; we fight and lead in groups, together; as allies. We proceed always with our motto in mind: Aav fusse, fah krongrah! Join forces, for victory!

Dovahmuz, Vulfahliile, Odmuz: Aav fusse, fah krongrah!
Dragon-men, Dark-elves, Snow-men: Join forces, for victory!
The member requirements of the Lahvu Stin (in terms of lay members, special operatives, etc.) will be decided once the game has actually been released, and we have a way of measuring an individual's capability. In terms of administrators, generals, and other high-ranking officials, only those who join now will have a chance to become one, with few exceptions. Once they become a member (join here, like the facebook page, etc.), they will have reserved a place for themselves in the high-rank trials (the details of which will also be decided upon the game's release).
Zrachen: Argonian Commander
Blazimun: Unranked sham of a dunmer/argonian hybrid.
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Lahvu Stin: Dovahmuz, Vulfahliile, Odmuz Comments
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