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Started by Flunk
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
This is my attempt to write how my character is. I'm not a big RP'er but I got a clear vision on how my character is personally wise and visual wise. I'm also not a TES lore expert.

Excuse my english, it's not my main language.

Firstname - Lairah(LAJ-RAH]

Surname - None

Title - The Helpful

Sex - Female

Age - 24

Occupation - Lairah is currently working in the royal army in Alinor for Queen Ayrenn

Faction - Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance - Lairah is normally known for her beauty. She is average height. Her body is slim and athletic (since she train about everyday due to her work). She has red/brown hair, usually in a ponytail(unless she is attending something where she has to put on some finer clothes - where she would put her hair lose, with a braid at the sides)She has light amber eyes. She has a clean skin - a light pale skin with a golden glow.

Personality - Lairah isn't called the helpful for nothing. Lairah is the kind of person that helps where she can. Whether it be a citizen of Aldmeri Dominion or an animal that is on Summerset Isle. While on training, or on the battlefield, she is usually the one 'aiding' people - She care so much of her fellow folks, that she can't let them go without a fight.
She is a fine swordsman(woman? Elf?) She can protect herself and she is quite strong.
She is intelligent and fast thinking. While she is often unpatience and sometimes naive.
She sees all as equal, and believe in the good of all races, before shown otherwise.

Social Background/Backstory - Born and grew up in Shimmerene. Lairah grew up in a rich family with a father, mother, and sister. They have royal blood in the veins.(though it is far out) She always saw up to Queen Ayrenn, her beauty and her stubornness to explorer Tamriel
At the age of 20 Lairah left Shimmerene, to trail for the royal army, which was successfully and she joined the royal army. There wasn't many woman, but she showed them, that woman are if not twice as good as elf men. She worked/trained about every day. She joined missions that had to be done on the orders of Queen Ayrenn.
Working up the ladder, she became a well known soldier around the royal army. She joined battles and various missions.

She also liked to visit her family back in Shimmerene whenever she has the time.
Besides working she likes to take a walk in the great city of Alinor, and see if she can help in any way. Could it be carrying something for someone, or helping a elder find way to their home. She currently live by herself.
She is also in love, that's the only thing we know - we do not know in whom.

Best Memory - When she joined the royal army. And meeting Queen Ayrenn, over a dinner. Where the whole royal army attended

Worst Memory - Leaving her home back in Shimmerene

Skills - Known for her helping hand at the battlefield. And her fine technique with a sword.

Challenges for the Character - Her unpatience may be the hardest challenge for her.

Birthsign The Ritual

Religious Views Mara

Politics Views She strongly believe in Queen Ayrenn and her judgement. She is loyal to her.

History and other topics may be added.

Flunk over and out :)
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