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Late to the show: New player questions

Started by Kashernadoom
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Hello all,

I am just starting with the game and i have a couple questions:

Starting at level 15 you have a 2nd weapon bar. Are the skills on your 2nd bar considered "slotted" for effect and skill increase XP purposes?

When considering the Funnel Health skill (siphon tree), its says you heal 25% of the damage every 2 sec for 10 sec. Does it mean you actually heal for 125% of the damage done total? And if you keep casting the skill, are the healing effects stacking?

Are the light and heavy attacks of the Restoration and Destruction staves melee or range?

What is required to change the skills you put on your skill bar (both of them after lvl 15)? Can it be done quickly between fights? Any costs?

That's it for now.

Many thanks for you sharing of wisdom...

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