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Lear Grol-Nar

Started by Nicklas
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Firstname - Lear
Surname - Gro-Nar
Title - None (For other Orcs: The idiot who worship Arkay)
Sex - Male
Race - Orsimer
Age - 27
Occupation - Priest of Arkay
Faction - He wish it was none...
Appearance - Tall strong green orc, shaved and clean... A bit too clean maybe...
Personality - Inside him, he is a brute who enjoy crushing things, he love to be praised and respected. He stick by is word and respect the orders that were given to him without any comments. He has absolute loyalty and complete respect of the oath he makes. Even if it means being unhappy for the rest of his life. He blindly follows orders, simply wishing they would include smashing something at some points. He wishes with his entire soul that he could go back and be in control of his destiny once more (which would include lot of bandit’s blood spilling).
Social Background/Backstory – Lear Gro-Nar grew up in a pretty common stronghold. As a child, like any male orc, he enjoyed the sound of hitting metal with a hammer and naturally the sound of crushing skulls too!
With is strong sense of justice, he was seeing himself has a future hero, avenger of the oppressed. Not that he respected oppressed people; simply that it was a good reason to inflict pain to someone.
So, when he was about 20 years of age, he left the stronghold for adventures in the wild. His path soon met a caravan of Arkay priests heading toward the Cyrodiil temple. They were under attack by some followers of Narmina. With pleasure Lear defended the priests and sent the attackers running for their lives. Has a token of their appreciation, they offered Lear some food and asked him if he would like to continue the road with them. Thinking that it could involved more bandit killing, Lear quickly accepted. To his deception, the rest of the road was pretty smooth and he did not have the chance to hit anything. On the other hand, he enjoyed the priest stories about other members of their order being sent to destroy vampires all around Tamriel. So when at the temple they asked him to join them, Lear thought that it would mean some nice vampire killing. Which was really interesting, at least much more than the weak bandits he would have fought on the streets otherwise. He likes some challenge and vampires were certainly more challenging than weak Narmina followers. So he accepted and sworn the oath. He sworn to protect all that is sacred, to respect life under all circumstances, to never inflict death since only Arkay should be, to protect the weak against those who would wish to harm them… He thought that there were way too much rules, but what the hell. It’s only after the ceremony that they told him what he was going to do as a new priest of Arkay. Since he was the first Orsimer to ever join them, they thought that it was a superb opportunity to convert his people to their religion. So they sent him traveling from stronghold to stronghold with a small contingent of priests to spread the blessings of Arkay.
So he did. Meeting with his people in various strongholds. They often laugh at him, seeing him trying to convince them to worship that "Arkay". Even Lear did not really believed what he was saying. Simply following orders. From time to time some village they were passing by asked him to get rid of some undead, but that was way less often than he hoped.
So, currently if you travel in Skyrim and are afraid of vampires, simply head to a Dwemer ruin at dusk and listen. If you hear swears louder than thunder, be reassures, there is no undead near tonight. Simply a very angry orc smashing automatons and swearing… since it’s the only thing he can still hit.
Best Memory - Killing an entire bandit camp... Thrilling! But that was before meeting with those priests.
Worst Memory - The day he sworn oath to Arkay and found out that instead of fighting Vampires and undead he was going to be task to convert fellow Orsimers to Arkay's religion.
Skills - Pure ruthless warrior.
Challenges for the Character - He sworn to protect everything that is sacred especially life, so he must not kill any living beings... Even if the only thing he wish is to crush skulls and spill blood. He can sent them running in frear or into submission… but cannot kill them. Unless they are undead… then they should really start running!
Birthsign - Ritual
Religious Views - None... Not even Arkay... But he strongly believes in one's word and wouldn't shy away from a given oath... And he hates himself for that...
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Daggerfall Covenant
nice character I sent the message late sorry bud when and if the guild leaders finally decide on a better name I`ll write a story for the guild and add it to my character take a look at him if you get stuck on yours

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Pm for details.
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Hmmm you took my advice. Twisting the arc type. Good i like it

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